CustomCon 40 – the Complete Index

CustomCon 40 Index

Without further ado, here’s the index for the entries for CustomCon 40.

Thanks to all who participated!

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CC40: Marvel Legends Sphinx Build-a-Figure Wave by CRobTheCreator


Presenting the Marvel Legends Sphinx Build-a-Figure Wave, featuring:

  • Red Ghost: comes with Sphinx Torso
  • Thunderstrike: comes with Sphinx right arm
  • Warrior Woman: Comes with Sphinx left leg
  • Magus: comes with Sphinx left arm
  • Super Skrull: Comes with Sphinx right leg
  • Blade The Vampire Hunter: Comes with Sphinx head

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CC40: Marvel Legends True Believers’ SHIELD 3-Pack by GrownNerd

Shield 1a

That doofus known as GrownNerd may not know what’s up in general, but he’s a long time nerd so he’s down with what nerds want. And what do you want?

You want a classic cigar chomping gun toting jet pack accessory flying Nick Fury, not long coat wearing Ultimate Snakes on the M*****F***ing Plane Fury.

You want a middle aged Dum Dum Dugan that has a belly not unlike your own stout but firm abdomen, not that young Adonis shaped pretty boy from the Twin Packs.

You want a Russian sexpot Black Widow with assets gratuitously displayed, not that disappointingly PG rated movie Natasha with straps and zippers everywhere but all of them strapped and zipped.

So here is a SHIELD 3-pack, for nerds, by a nerd.

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CC40: NECA Robowar by Death Weed

As everyone knows, one of our most popular lines is our figures based on characters from the Predator films. Try as we might, we have been unable to secure actor likeness for Dutch’s team from the first movie. We’re not going to let that stop us from bringing you a team of mercenaries to help Dutch fight/get killed by the predator, so we’ve gotten the rights to the next best thing: the 1988 Italian knock-off of Predator, Robowar.

Starring Reb Brown doing what Reb Brown does best: screaming incoherently and shooting things wildly. It’s basically Predator… except with a robot instead of an alien, and a boat instead of a choppah. That’s about it.

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CC40: Marvel Legends “Essential Evil” Box Set by Rabid_Ewok


Coming this winter to CustomCon 40 is a set of three new Marvel Legends figures every collector is sure to want. The “Essential Evil” set features three of Marvel’s most notable villains who have never before been offered in the Marvel Legends line: Graviton, Count Nefaria, and Diablo!

These three villains are a must have for any Marvel Legends collection.

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