Mattel and the Four Horsemen Show ThunderCats Lion-O Update

Mattel Thundercats Lion-O 0815 revision

Mattel has shared pictures of an updated head sculpt and deco for Lion-O from their upcoming ThunderCats line. When I spoke to the Four Horsemen at San Diego Comic-Con, Eric Treadaway told me he had already been through several iterations of Lion-O, and expected to do several more before the final sculpt goes into production.

I already liked what I saw at SDCC, but this is an improvement – the nose and jawline look to be a little less wide, and combined with a more subtle paint job for the eyebrows and eyes, it comes a lot closer to how I remember Lion-O from the animated show. The colors also look to be toned down a little, but that can be a little deceptive depending on the lighting conditions for the pictures.

What do you think of the updated look?

Good day Thunderians!

Remember the Lion-O we showed at Comic Con this year? We loved him and you loved him too, but after hearing from the fans and doing a little thinking we decided to take a trip back to the sculpting table to make him a little more cartoon-esque.

Per the Four Horsemen: “Between the sculpting and paint there were a lot of changes, but we feel like it was well worth it! The figure looks much more animation accurate, and it fits the look of the rest of the figures much better.”

I thought he was pretty breathtaking before but now? Thundercats hooo, indeed.

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7 thoughts on “Mattel and the Four Horsemen Show ThunderCats Lion-O Update”

  1. I like parts of both of these. The eyebrows of July was out of control and he was too orange, but the open mouth was cool. Now he’s a bit too pale. But the sculpt is good. Might be bad photos too.

  2. SDDC reveal, I think the revised is a shit pic. I likethe head on the sddc better and the shiny belt too

  3. i like the new face, but the sdcc sculpt everywhere else is better. more detail. Look at the belts. The hair. The paint is also better on the SDCC fig (except the face).

  4. SDCC is obviously better, but did we really expect the final product to look like that? Honestly would be thrilled to get one that looks as clean as the revised on

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