Random Early Find – Star Wars Black Series The Force Awakens Finn [Update: and Chewbacca!]

Star Wars Black Series - The Force Awakens -  Finn

I have been visiting my parents for the past couple of weeks, and not keeping up with toy news – so I had no idea that some images of a Star Wars Black Series Finn from The Force Awakens had made the rounds yesterday. So it was by complete coincidence that I was at the Green Hills shopping mall (in the Philippines) with my mom today and came across Finn. [Update: And Chewbacca – I didn’t realize it was the updated Chewie…]

My mom was shopping at a fabric store, and I vaguely remembered a small toy store named Jebbs that was nearby, where my mom used to buy Transformers for my nephews. Now, Jebbs wasn’t the store that had Finn, but something (was it the Force?) prompted me to go up another level in the mall. There, I found a passageway to a spot I had never visited, and that area was full of fifteen or more collector-oriented toy stores.

Finn was standing innocently with Chewbacca in the window display of the first store I visited – I almost didn’t notice him. After I shot these pics, I made my way around the rest of the vendors – it was really a delight, with nearly every collector-oriented line, old and new, available to browse. By the time I had made my way back to that first store, he was gone. May the Force be with him.