Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Getting Tsum Tsumed


Brand new Marvel Special Edition Tsum Tsum plushes will be available on December 15 at Disney Stores online and in their bricks and mortar locations. These long-rumored and finally confirmed set of plushie stackables are anticipated to sell out fast and are being released ahead of the Marvel Tsum Tsum mobile game launching in 2016. The Guardians of the Galaxy edition includes Star Lord, Gamora, Drax, Groot and Rocket.

All 5 characters will be available as Mini Tsum Tsums. The only confirmed Medium size is Rocket (as shown).  Groot is naturally the cutest, but Drax as a plushie peanut is surprisingly detailed and super kawaii as well. Marvel fans who want a set better queue up early cuz Disney Tsum Tsum mania? Yeah IT’S R E A L!!!!!!

Photos: Disney Tsum Tsum