Funko Reveals Avengers: Infinity War Product Line-Up

With the media embargo for Avengers: Infinity War lifted today, there’s been some accompanying product reveals – I’ve posted about Marvel Legends and LEGO sets for Infinity War already. But the one I have dreaded most is the Funko reveal – they’ve got SO MUCH STUFF!

While they started with Pop! as their solitary designer vinyl line, they’ve added Dorbz, Mystery Minis, and keychains to the mix. And then there’s the plush and clothing. You want to know who’s got the most star power in Infinity War? It’s Iron Man, based on the eleven different iterations (including variants) of him across the various Funko lines. In contrast, Thanos is the runner-up with eight, while Spidey’s got seven.

Read on for all the pics and details!

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Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Getting Tsum Tsumed


Brand new Marvel Special Edition Tsum Tsum plushes will be available on December 15 at Disney Stores online and in their bricks and mortar locations. These long-rumored and finally confirmed set of plushie stackables are anticipated to sell out fast and are being released ahead of the Marvel Tsum Tsum mobile game launching in 2016. The Guardians of the Galaxy edition includes Star Lord, Gamora, Drax, Groot and Rocket. Continue reading “Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Getting Tsum Tsumed”

SDCC 2015 (and WebSwipe): DC Collectibles Announces Two Exclusives –

BlueLine Edition Batman and Krypto Plush will be available at SDCC

DC Collectibles SDCC 2015 exclusives - Jim Lee Blue Line Batman and Krypto Plush

DC Collectibles announced two exclusives for San Diego Comic-Con via USA Today. For action figure fans, Jim Lee debuted a “BlueLine Edition” Batman, which he designed with a unique pencil deco. There will be two versions of the figure. The standard version ($40) will come with a Jim Lee Batman print on blueline paper. The limited version will be a run of 150 pieces and will feature a signed unique sketch from Lee. There’ll be fifty each of Batman, Harley Quinn, and the Joker – those will run you $300 each at the show and will likely go Bat-sh*t crazy in the after-market.

The second exclusive is a much more budget-friendly plush Krypto, for $9.99. Krypto is part of the 6-inch DC Super Pets plush line, which also includes Dex-Starr, Hoppy, and Streaky. I’m disappointed there’s no Ace the Bat-Hound yet.

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Alex Ross, Arkham Knight, and Batman: TAS in Latest DC Collectibles Solicits

DC Collectibles December 2015 Solicits

The DC December solicits (named for when the comics hit stands) highlight several action figures from DC Collectibles that will be available between August and December this year. Included are a 6-piece box set of Alex Ross Justice League figures, a wave of figures from Batman: Arkham Knight, and two waves and two deluxe figures from Batman: The Animated Series.

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Assemble Your Own Avengers (Bears) at the Build-A-Bear Workshop

Build-A-Bear Workshop presents Marvel Avengers Assemble

As if it needed MORE hype, with Avengers 2 premiere in the U.S. today, here’s a plushie aww moment brought to you by Build-A-Bear. You, or some kid you know, can build a Hulk, Thor, Captain America and that narcissist Robert Downey Jr.  Iron Man (same thing). It’s the usual retail racket – accessories and clothing are extra, and TBH I don’t think these bears are all that cute butt naked.

A fully-assembled Avengers Bear with costume and plastic booties will run you $48.50 each, and you can add five sounds for another $7… So you gotta pony up to get super cute and talk like a real Avenger!

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