CC43: Sentinel Mayhem by Caenman

The Sentinel invasion has begun, and in every scale of Marvel figures. Big or small, the Sentinels will hunt down every mutant toy in your collection. From Mastermold and Bastion to Wild Sentinels, this is one robot army that is sure to please any fan of any figure series.

Series includes:

  • Titan Sentinels
  • Mastermold
  • Bastion
  • Legends Scale Sentinel
  • Stealth Sentinel
  • Three Sentinels
  • Heavy Armor Sentinel
  • Wild Sentinels

Entry by: Caenman &


Titan Sentinels – Titan Ironmans
Mastermold – Ironman candy & Nano Sentinels – AoU Ironmans
Bastion – Cable head on CyberNinja figure
Legends Scale Sentinel – Movie Mach II figure
Stealth Sentinel – Stealth Ironman (toybiz)
Sentinel 1 – Ironman 2 figure
Sentinel 2 – Ironman 2 suitcase armor figure
Sentinel 3 – Ironman 2 figure
Heavy Armor Sentinel – Ironman 2 Warmachine
Wild Sentinels – AoU Ultrons plus fodder

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