CustomCon 43 – the Complete Index

Without further ado, here’s the index for the entries for CustomCon 43.

Thanks for your participation!

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CC43: Marvel Legends Armor Wars – Technovore Build-a-Figure Series by CRobTheCreator

Presenting the Marvel Legends Technovore Build-a-Figure Wave, featuring:

  • Ghost: comes with blaster and Left Leg of Technovore
  • Vibro: comes with Shockwave gun and Right Leg of Technovore
  • Hypnotia: Comes with body of Technovore
  • Samurai Armor Iron Man: Comes with The Head of Technovore
  • Dark Aegis: Comes with Energy Axe and Right Arm of Technovore
  • Melter: Comes with Left Arm of Technovore
  • Build-a-Figure Technovore

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CC43: X-Men Allies 2-Pack by Caenman

The X-Men represent so much to so many. A minority group of heroes that believe in diversity and inclusivity… to which they often take on team mates who are themselves not mutants. Celebrate The Dream with this two pack of characters so cool they just had to be made in classic 5-inch scale.

Danger and Korvus both have roots in the Shi’ar Empire and found their way to the side and hearts of the X-Men… and now to your action figure collection.

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CC43: DC Total Justice – Assassins 2-Pack by Caenman

The day will come when one of these two is going to get the contract to kill the other… but until then fans can only speculate, debate and fantasize the outcome. Two assassins at the top of their game, two killers, two hot figures to add to your Total Justice collection…

CC43: Sentinel Mayhem by Caenman

The Sentinel invasion has begun, and in every scale of Marvel figures. Big or small, the Sentinels will hunt down every mutant toy in your collection. From Mastermold and Bastion to Wild Sentinels, this is one robot army that is sure to please any fan of any figure series.

Series includes:

  • Titan Sentinels
  • Mastermold
  • Bastion
  • Legends Scale Sentinel
  • Stealth Sentinel
  • Three Sentinels
  • Heavy Armor Sentinel
  • Wild Sentinels

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