AFP’s Ask Matty Round-Up for 4/15/9

Yes, it was Tax Day today for those of us in the United States, but the sting of writing a check to the Internal Revenue Service may have paled in comparison for some of us to the experience of ordering Mer-Man from today.  The allotment for today sold out in an hour – a new record.  But take heart, Mattel knew that they needed to up the quantities, so more Mer-Men are on the way.  From their Facebook:

A quick update on Mer-Man sales. Yes, the aquatic warriror of Eternia did sell out this morning, but do to increased fan demand, we increased orders on Mer-Man. The only catch is that the full new revised larger order did not make it on the same boat. So the second batch will be here in about a week and will go on sale the last week of April. I will update everyone once we lock in an exact on sale day and time!

Now onto the questions and answers for today:

1. First, a question about DC Universe Classics 7 – the classic and modern variants of Booster Gold that we’ve seen released have the same coloring on the wrist bands (blue) and gloves (gold). In modern comics, most art has those colors reversed – gold wrist bands and blue gloves. Is the action figure color selection a design choice, and what are the chances we can see a running change for the modern figure?

All of our decos are based on the DC Comics approved colors. And as you stated, comic books tend to change some color details issue by issue sometimes. We will look into new decos if we re-release Booster in the future.

2. Now onto a question about one of the San Diego Comic Con exclusives you announced on 4/1. How did you go about selecting He-Ro as the MOTU Classics exclusive? What else can you tell us about his magic staff?

We selected He-Ro because we knew he was one of the most fan demanded characters whom has never had a figure made before (at least in this case one that was never produced). Also, Toy Guru is a huge fan of He-Ro and wanted to get him out there in year 1 since, quite frankly, he wanted a He-Ro figure for his desk!

MOTUC He-Ro - headshot.jpgMOTUC He-Ro 1.jpgMOTUC He-Ro 2.jpg

The magical staff is 5 inches in length, painted gold and contains a colored Spell Stone. The staff can close up to conceal the Spell Stone and that is how it will be packaged. There will be three different colors of Spell Stones all blind packed with green by far being the most common. These will be available in both the version sold online and at the show.

We’ll have more details about this as we get closer to the show.

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