Ask Matty Q&A for 11/1

Hope you had a good Halloween! Here’s some treats from the gang at Mattel.

1) With regards to 2014 / 2015, you’ve said that since there are two Snake Men left it’s likely to see them split across the two years. Does the same kind of rationale apply to Stridor and Night Stalker? Or is there too much tooling to consider them in the “big hitters” category that qualify for the next two years?

fistostridorart jitsunightart jitsu protects the environment

Our goal for 2014-2015 is to release all of the basic figures. How many beast or vehicles released has yet to be announced. We can tell you the more tooling a beast or vehicle has the less likely it will be released ?(unless a basic vintage figure like “Gwildor” etc.. which we will prioritize).

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Ask Matty Q&A for 10/15 (a Few Days Late)

Totally my fault this time. Toy Guru got our answers back to us on the 15th (all of them, this time!) but I was distracted winding down after New York Comic Con. My bad!

1) The new Masters of the Universe comics from DC have provided some new design twists for existing characters. What kind of collaboration is there between the Mattel design team and the comic book creative team? Do you consider the new designs on the table for MOTUC in 2014 / 2015?

The MOTU franchise team works very closely with DC on story lines and character designs. We certainly could look into DC designs in the Classics line, but not until after 2015.

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Ask Matty Q&A for 10/1 (a Couple Days Late and a Few Questions Short!)

A couple of things for this month’s Q&A with Mattel. First, Toy Guru has asked us to keep questions to the lines that are available through Mattycollector. So while in the past we could ask about retail lines, for now, we’ll stick to… I guess it’s Masters of the Universe Classics, plus the other odds and ends as they pop up in their online store.

Second, I did get the responses a couple of days ago, so it’s my fault we’re late!

1. We’ve always understood that extra heads were tough to do because of the tooling and paint apps required. What should we expect for pricing if you do a 200X head pack? Would six heads be in the same ballpark as the previous weapons packs?

NECA MOTU 200X Clawful Staction NECA MOTU 200X Hordak Staction NECA MOTU 200X Snout Spout Staction

Honestly, this is just an item we are in prelim discussion with. Any details like price and availability are so far off right now we simply couldn’t speculate!

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Ask Matty Q&A for 9/15 (a Couple Days Early!)

Once again, Toy Guru and team are a few days early with their responses for the latest Ask Matty Q&A. Thanks!

1. A lot of collectors still want to get the unleashed version of Doomsday. Is it possible to offer him individually on Mattycollector, or even as the SDCC exclusive in 2014?

DC Universe Classics Club Eternia Doomsday Unleashed DC Universe Classics Club Eternia Doomsday Unleashed (2 of 2)

No. Doomsday was only possible when banked along with 12 partial tool’d figures at tier 2 production quotas. It is not possible to just do Doomsday by himself. His production was tied directly to producing a full year of partially tool’d basic figures at the higher tier 2 quota. After not even hitting tier 1, it becomes that much more difficult to get to this “bigger” more tooling intensive version of Doomsday. We hope this was made clear during the sub-in period.

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Ask Matty Q&A for 8/31

Just in time for labor day weekend, here’s the Ask Matty Q&A for  8/31. Thanks to Toy Guru and team for answering our questions.

1) You’ve said that 2014 and 2015 would have characters that required more tooling, like Two Bad and Modulok. What does that mean for the number of subscribers needed to support the line? For example, do you need to increase the minimum subscribers needed to support more tooling?

Masters of the Universe Classics Two Bad Masters of the Universe Classics Modulok

No, the min number of sub holders has stayed the same year to year, we are just very strategic in banking a few fully tool’d figures with other partial tool figures so the year balances out.

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