Announcing Gears of War 2 Series 3

Gearing up once again

A brand new series based on the #1 selling Gears of War 2 video game. This series includes a new version of Marcus Fenix featuring a new head sculpt, additional elbow articulation, snub pistol, an improved Lancer and the ability to peg an extra weapon to the figure’s back.

The COG Soldier sports a brand new helmet, additional elbow articulation, Longshot and Lancer weapons and the ability to peg an extra weapon to the figure’s back.

The Theron Palace Guard is a new figure that protects the Queen’s palace. He is incredibly detailed and comes with the deadly Torquebow weapon. Two new versions of the Locust Drones round out the set including the Locust Cyclops with articulated mask and the Locust Grappler. Both Locusts come with all new weapons including the Gorgon pistol, the Hammerburst 2.0, and a Grenade. The Locusts also now have the ability to peg an extra weapon to the figure’s back.

Figures are 7” scale and highly detailed with game-accurate weapons and accessories.

*Also be on the lookout for a special CHASE version of Marcus, with a Gold Lancer!

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TheFwoosh.com – Marvel Universe Giveaway

TheFwoosh.com is holding a contest for 3 Marvel Universe prize packs.

Thanks to our friends on the Hasbro Marvel team, the staff at TheFwoosh.com is proud to present our members with a chance to win one of three Marvel Universe prize packs from Hasbro’s newly-launched Marvel Universe line.

  • WHO: Marvel Universe Giveaway is open to members of TheFwoosh.com at least 18 years of age as of March 1, 2009.
  • WHAT: To enter, simply vote in the Marvel Top Five poll!
  • WHEN: Deadline for submitting your vote is March 5, 2009 at 11:59PM PT.
  • WHY: Hasbro has provided three prize packs of Marvel products, as described below.


Marvel Universe Starter Pack

  • Wave 1 – Spider-Man
  • Wave 1 – Silver Surfer
  • Wave 1 – Wolverine
  • Wave 1 – Bullseye
  • Wave 2 – Iron Fist (reference sample)

Marvel Universe Spider-Man Pack

  • Wave 1 – Spider-Man
  • Wave 2 – Green Goblin

Marvel Universe Iron Man Pack

  • Wave 1 – Iron Man
  • Wave 1 – Iron Man Stealth Ops

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