Bandai SH Figuarts Piccolo

SH Figurarts Dragonball Z Piccolo
SH Figurarts Dragonball Z Piccolo

Action figure collecting can be a slippery slope.  I’m already down the path of collecting premium format 1/6 figures, but if I weren’t, this figure of Dragonball Z’s Piccolo from Bandai’s Figuarts line would be a gateway drug.  At just under 6 inches, it’s in my collection’s sweet spot, and the articulation is amazingly functional.  The downside – this figure is not being distributed in the United States, so if you want to add this to your collection, you’ll be paying import prices.

I haven’t taken the plunge yet, but luckily my friend Blue Devil from north of the border has, and has shared these pictures with us.  First, he’s sent pics of the package and contents.

SH Figuarts Piccolo - box.jpgSH Figuarts Piccolo - box back.jpgSH Figuarts Piccolo - front.jpgSH Figuarts Piccolo - back.jpgSH Figuarts Piccolo - contents.jpg

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San Diego Comic-Con Toynami and Bandai Pics

Just getting more San Diego Comic-Con pics cleaned up and posted.  In this installment, I’ve got Futurama figures from Toynami and a bunch of robots from Bandai.

Futurama – I became a big fan of the show after a friend relentlessly badgered me to watch it after it had been canceled.  I never picked up any figures, just not my style, but with the new Toynami figures coming out, there’s an opportunity for folks looking to start up a collection now that more episodes have been picked up by Comedy Central for 2010.

IMG_3440 (1024x768).jpgIMG_3441 (1024x769).jpgIMG_3442 (1024x768).jpgIMG_3443 (1024x770).jpgIMG_3444 (1024x770).jpgIMG_3445 (1024x768).jpgIMG_3446 (1024x769).jpgIMG_3447 (1024x767).jpgIMG_3448 (1024x768).jpgIMG_3449 (1024x769).jpgIMG_3450 (1024x768).jpgIMG_3451 (1024x735).jpg

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