SDCC 2012: ThreeA Toys Halo will Blow the Hell out of those Damn Bugs

ThreeA Halo (1280x1280).jpgThreeA Halo (1) (1279x1280).jpgThreeA Halo (2) (1280x1280).jpgThreeA Halo (3) (1277x1280).jpg

It’s been years since I’ve played a Halo game, but somehow I’m still buying Halo action figures. And it’s been a slippery slope. I bought a few McFarlane figures, and last year Square Enix got me with some of their Play Arts Kai figures. Now, 3A Toys is going to crush this license with super-articulated, super-detailed figures like this bad boy.

Watch out, guys – if you’re resisting 1/6 scale figures, Halo from 3A is a dangerous gateway drug. I dare you to buy this when it comes out and see if you can stop. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! Pretty soon you’ll be hunting down these other 3A figures we saw at SDCC.