Hasbro Iron Man 3 Marvel Legends Series 1 Line-Up Revealed

Iron Man 3 Marvel Legends Series 1

AFP sponsor BigBadToyStore has revealed the line-up for Iron Man 3 Marvel Legends series 1. At San Diego Comic-Con last July, Hasbro teased us with a single image for an Iron Man wave for Marvel Legends, but I was still surprised at how soon we should be seeing these – BBTS shows them with an estimated arrival date in February. The line-up includes the Classic Horned Iron Man, the Iron Patriot, and the Heroic Age Iron Man. I suspect the horned version will be shortpacked, as BBTS doesn’t have an individual listing for him.

Classic Horned Iron Man

Tales of Suspense 48 new Iron Man armor

The horned version of the classic armor made its debut way back in Tales of Suspense #48. Tony Stark fashions the armor after facing a setback against Mister Doll in the gold version of what’s now known as his first appearance armor. And thus the unending series of armor upgrades and action figures was set in motion. I fully expect this Hasbro to use a new head on the classic Iron Man released in the Marvel Legends two-packs a few years ago. Some people think the figure turned out a little small (something that runs in the family with Iron Man figures of late) but I dig that figure a lot, and think the size would make for good reuse for this figure in particular – Tony Stark was a normal-sized guy back then, and appears pretty slim in his early appearances.

Iron Patriot

Dark Avengers 1 splash page

Norman Osborne became the Iron Patriot in Dark Avengers, following the shocking conclusion to Secret Invasion in which he kills the Skrull Queen (spoiler!) – I spent a lot of time reading Dark Reign comics hoping that Marvel’s upending the Marvel Universe would pay off. What we ended up with were opportunities for Hasbro to introduce variant bad guy versions of the popular heroes, which we’ve seen more regularly in the Marvel Universe line. Iron Patriot fits the bill, and I think Hasbro will just update the paint apps on the Extremis Iron Man that we got in the first series of (Return of) Marvel Legends last year.

Heroic Age Iron Man

Invincible Iron Man 25 variant cover wraparound

The payoff for this wave is the Heroic Age Iron Man, who made his first appearance back in 2010 in Invincible Iron Man 25. The Heroic Age Iron Man armor has already seen action in the Marvel Universe line (eBay link), and if we get a scaled-up version of that figure I think we’ll be in good shape, as the sculpt was pretty good and the proportions seemed dead-on. A lot of the recent figures are utilizing 3D sculpts, so it’s conceivable that we could see sculpts shared between Universe and Legends, though not without some clean-up needed as the figure goes through the rest of the process. I expect we’ll see this figure (and more) at Toy Fair next month, if they don’t actually hit shelves before then.

The big question I’ve got is whether the line will still include the classic blue Iron Monger Build-A-Figure that was teased. I’ll update if I hear more, but we might have to wait until Toy Fair for that answer.

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  1. just wish they’d make their iron man toys taller and stockier. its hard to believe any normal sized man could fit in the current figures.

  2. OMFG!! Enough with the Iron mans give us Stark, Penny and any other human character. Hasbro are so boring

  3. Will they please get to the space armor?
    It is the first specialty suit to appear in comics, for crying out loud!

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