CustomCon 38 – the Complete Index

CustomCon 38

Without further ado, here’s the index for the entries for CustomCon 38:

Light turn-out this time around. We’ll do a better job publicizing the event for next time. Thanks to Rabid_Ewok, Fizzle, and Death Weed for submitting entries, and to all who stopped by!

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CC38: Star Wars – The Kenner Collection by Rabid_Ewok

Star Wars Group

Coming this winter to CustomCon 38 is an all new series of Star Wars action figures, the Kenner Collection! This series of retro styled figures is being created as a continuation of the original Star Wars line from the 1980’s, and will consist of figures that were never made in the vintage series. Featuring characters from both the movies and the expanded universe, no corner of the Star Wars multiverse is off limits.

Series 1, available exclusively at CustomCon 38, will consist of 8 figures: Mongo Beefhead Tribesman, Rebel Trooper, Grand Moff Tarkin, Grand Admiral Thrawn, Captain Pellaeon, Biggs Darklighter, Jek Porkins, and Y-Wing Pilot.

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CC38: Omega Action Team! by Death Weed

In the grand tradition of Rambo the Animated Series and Robocop the Animated Series comes… OMEGA ACTION TEAM!


Coming this fall to Cartoon Network is a new series where your favorite action heroes team up to fight evil! Mattel is proud to announce that we will be doing a toyline to celebrate this!

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CC38: DC Uni Forms – The Return by Fizzle

Entry by: Fizzle
E-Mail:  [email protected]


Made silicone molds of the original figures, cast in resin, used sculpey and random bits to build/alter features, painted with acrylic paints and sealed.

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CC38: Marvel Legends Infinite Face Off Twin Packs by Rabid_Ewok

Marvel Legends Infinite Face Off Twin Packs

Coming this winter to CustomCon 38 is the Marvel Legends Infinite Face Off Series. This series of twin packs will feature some of your favorite heroes facing off against their deadliest adversaries. First off we have Steve Rogers, as Nomad, facing off against one of his most fearsome foes, the Gamecock! Next, we have Brother Voodoo in an epic battle against the diabolical Black Talon! Can our heroes defeat this pair of fiendish fowl?

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Weekend Toy Run: Marvel Monday Brings Us 25% Off the Marvel Store and Marvel Legends Allfather on eBay

I’m not sure “Marvel Monday” is really a thing, but it certainly feels that way with these two updates. First, the official Marvel Store is running an up-to-25% off deal, today only, with the “MARVELMONDAY” code. You have to add $100 to your cart to qualify for the full 25%, or $50 for 15% – you’ll qualify for free shipping too. Marvel Select is already on sale for $20 each, but where it can really pay off is in the collectibles section, where that 25% off makes a big dent in Hot Toys items.

And, thanks to our pal Rodney, who gave us the heads-up that pre-orders for the Marvel Legends Allfather series have started popping up on eBay. This listing for the Allfather has all seven figures (Captain Marvel, Sentry, Hawkeye, Machine Man, Scarlet Witch, Thor, and Iron Fist) up for $159. That’s not that bad of a deal when you consider free shipping – 9 sets left as of this morning. Happy shopping!

Weekend Toy Run: Selected Marvel Legends on Sale at

The holidays are a great time to pick up figures on sale as retailers look to clear slower movers at the end of the year. So while you won’t see any of the harder to find figures on this list, you may be able to fill some gaps in your collection or get some fodder for customizing projects. Here are some of the lowest-priced Marvel Legends at Amazon. I’ve picked out the ones that qualify for Prime shipping – even if you’re not a Prime member, getting over $25 in your cart will qualify you for free 2-day shipping.

There’s a lot more Marvel Legends at Amazon on sale – I just picked ones I saw under $12. Happy shopping!

ThreeA Toys Launches Transformers License with Premium Scale Bumblebee

3A Toys Transformers Bumblebee 01

3A Toys has the first figure from its Transformers license available for pre-order starting tonight. It’s the premium scale Bumblebee. He stands 15-inches tall and is hyper-articulated, with 65 points of articulation. Despite the articulation, Bumblebee does not transform – but with this level of sculpted detail I don’t think you would really expect that. He features LED lights, but does not feature sounds – so thankfully there’s no radio soundbites cobbled together so he can “talk” to us. (Thanks for that, Michael Bay!)

My wallet is thanking me that I’m not a hardcore Transformers collector – he tips the scales at $390. If you must have this, you can pre-order the 3A Toys Bumblebee at Bambaland for a 2Q’15 delivery.

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DC Comics Offers “He-Man: The Eternity War” #1 Variant Action Figure Cover with Subscription

Here’s another awesome comic book cover featuring action figures – this time it’s Masters of the Universe Classics gracing a variant cover for the first issue in the upcoming He-Man: The Eternity War series.

And our parents told us spending all of our afternoons playing with He-Man and the Masters of the Universe action figures was no way to get ahead in life… Ha!

Clearly no one told that to Tara Carter, the winner of’s “He-Man: The Photography War Comic Cover Contest.” As the grand prize winner, Tara’s awesome Masters of the Universe photo (which you can see above) will be featured as a variant cover to this month’s HE-MAN: THE ETERNITY WAR #1.If you’re a Masters of the Universe collector or an action figure buff, you’re going to want a copy. But you won’t find this cool variant cover in stores.

No, there’s only one way to get Tara’s exclusive cover, and that’s by subscribing to the series. For $24.99, you get a year’s worth of He-Man: The Eternity War, plus the action figure variant cover.

He-Man: The Eternity War brings epic-scaled fantasy to the world of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, as Hordak and the Dark Horde take control of Castle Grayskull. To save Eternia, She-Ra, Teela and He-Man must form a resistance to overthrow the powers of darkness, something that’s far easier said than done when the Horde’s concerned…

Written by Dan Abnett and drawn by Pop Mhan, HE-MAN: THE ETERNITY WAR #1 hits stores just in time for Christmas on December 24th. To subscribe and get the exclusive action figure variant cover, click here.

via He-Man and the Masters of the Universe: An Offer for All Eternity | DC Comics.

Are Your Action Figures Breaking Bad? Better Call Saul from Mezco

It wasn’t until the final season of Breaking Bad that Mezco started making action figures (mini-statues might be more accurate) for the show, and it wasn’t until well after the show was over that they made a figure for Walter White’s assistant, Jesse Pinkman. So I suppose that announcing a figure for Saul Goodman ahead of the start of his spinoff, Better Call Saul, is a bonus. You can pre-order the figure now with expected delivery in June 2015. Better Caul Saul premiers on AMC in February.

Mezco Presents Breaking Bad: Saul Goodman

New York- Finding yourself in a precarious situation? “‘S all good man”! We have just the right criminal… lawyer for you.

This classic character provided more than just legal loopholes and comic relief. Known for his nonchalance and questionable advice, Saul quickly won over fans worldwide. Walter and Jesse narrowly made it through their troubles with his legal counsel and now this 6″ figure can stand as a reminder when you’re in a bind, “Better call Saul!”

His pinstriped business suit is complimented by his token wireless headset and light blue Wayfarer 515 awareness ribbon. Saul Goodman comes complete with his business card in a display friendly blister card package.

Although his work with our dynamic duo is done, we know we haven’t seen the last of him just yet…

Saul is available for pre-order at:

via Breaking Bad: Saul Goodman 6” figure – Mezco Toyz.

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