ThreeA Toys Megatron Up for Pre-Order Tonight

3A Toys Transformers Megatron 1

Hot on the heels of their first Transformers premium scale figure, Bumblebee, 3A Toys will have the big bad himself, Megatron, up for pre-order tonight. Like Bumblebee, Megatron features a movie-accurate, detailed sculpt, is super-articulated with over 70 POA, and features light-up LED eyes. You won’t be transforming him into a vehicle mode, but with this amount of detail you’d probably need the Allspark itself to pull that off.

Megatron stands over 1.5 feet tall (Bumblebee checks in at 15 inches), so he’s appropriately massive. Want to roll out with Megatron? Check out Bambalandstore at 8PM EST tonight. The Bambaland exclusive Megatron comes with the Matrix of Leadership and a tattered cloak to cover up that battle damage. Can’t wait for more? Expect Optimus Prime and Starscream right around the corner.

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Avengers Assemble! – LEGO Reveals Massive SHIELD Helicarrier

When LEGO Nick Fury makes you a bet, get ready to pay up – because you’re about to get a tour of the newest Marvel Super Heroes LEGO set – the SHIELD Helicarrier from the first Avengers movie. Set in the LEGO microscale, the Helicarrier still manages to clock in at over 2.5 feet long, and almost 1.5 feet wide and a foot tall.

It’s stocked with three Quinjets, three jets, and enough vehicles and 12 microscale figures to support them – this includes 8 SHIELD agents. I think the only thing missing is a monitor with Galaga on it. Also included are five regular-sized minifigures – Nick Fury, Captain America, Hawkeye, Black Widow, and (taking a cue from Hasbro) an exclusive Maria Hill that can only be found with the Helicarrier set.

Amazed? Time to pay up – only it will set you back a little more than that $10 you owe Fury – $349.99, to be precise. Avengers Assemble!

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DC Collectibles Almost Made Figures for DC Universe Online – Would You Buy Them?

In a poll from the “DC Collectibles Vault” this week, DC Collectibles revealed several products that were designed and sculpted, but never made it to shelves. Among them was a series of action figures from DC Universe Online, the MMORPG for PC and PS4, made by Sony Online Entertainment in collaboration with some of the top creative talent at DC. I played the game for a few years from its launch back in 2011, and was always impressed with its visuals. Unlike many games that create their own aesthetics for the DC characters, DCUO was extremely faithful to the mainstream comic book appearances of its heroes and villains. As such, I thought it was a decent marketing opportunity for a video game action figure line that I’d like to buy – but both DC Collectibles and Mattel opted for Injustice: Gods Among Us.

Also left on the sculpting room floor, so to speak, were a series of New 52 action figures in the 3.75-inch scale and a set of Rainbow Batman repaints (presumably in the standard 6 to 7-inch DCC scale). I think it’s too bad their 3.75-inch figures didn’t get more of a foothold – despite some initial quality issues I found their smaller figures better sculpted and articulated than what Mattel currently has on retail shelves. And Rainbow Batman? Despite the nostalgia factor, I’d pass.

Voting in the poll (which also includes some shelved statues and busts) will give DC Collectibles a measure of popularity, but won’t guarantee that any get made. Still, if there’s enough interest, you never know!

Transformers “Combiner Fan Built Combiner” Design App Now Live

Transformers Combiner Wars Fan Built Bot 1

Hasbro recently announced they would be asking fans for their input in another edition of the “Fan Built Bot” poll. This time around it’s the “Fan Built Combiner” – fans will be creating a team of Transformers that combine into a single massive new character.

Starting today, fans can download the official Transformers apps (on iOS and Android) to participate in weekly design stages, three in total. In addition, Toys R Us will have a bonus design question on the Toys R Us Twitter feed on February 18. Hasbro will reveal the full results later this year, and the new Combiner will join the Transformers Generations: Combiner Wars toy line, which debut this month.

Transfans, roll out (and start designing!)

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How Much Would You Pay for this Gigantic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Krang?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Krang by First Gokin 01

When Playmates first revealed prototypes at San Diego Comic-Con last year for Shredder and Krang in their 6-inch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Classics line, I heard a lot of comments about their small stature compared to the turtles. While I can concede the point, about Krang especially, I think Shredder may still fit in nicely with the turtles from NECA’s Turtles, who are slightly smaller than the ones from Playmates.

Now I’ve come across pictures of an upcoming import figure of Krang, said to be coming from First Gokin (Tong Meng Ex) in June this year. It has a huge 10-inch mechanical body – Krang can be removed from the cockpit in its torso, and the cockpit has an internal light-up feature. The body looks like it has a decent amount of articulation, comes with interchangeable hands / axes, and has some diecast metal parts.

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Create a New Combiner Transformer in Next Hasbro “Fan Built Bot” Poll

Transformers Age Of Extinction app 1

Hasbro’s upcoming “Fan Built” poll takes it to the next level. This time around, you won’t just be designing one bot – you’ll take part in creating a Combiner, with all the vehicles that comprise it.

And, instead of using traditional web polls, Hasbro will be updating their existing Transformers: Age of Extinction apps (on iOS and Android) to incorporate the design questions. Over the course of three weekly stages, you’ll get to determine the features of the new Combiner, including the types of vehicles involved, the faction it will join, and eventually the name of the new character. And as they did with Windblade, Hasbro will release the Combiner as a toy, in 2016.

Stay tuned for an official launch date, and in the meantime download the app to play the Transformers: Age of Extinction games and to view movie content. Roll out!

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