AFP’s Ask Matty Round-Up for 6/15/9

UPDATE: Before we get to the Q&A, Toy Guru just posted a Facebook update on MOTU Classics Hordak and DCUC Luthor and Ultraman – both products sold out within two hours this morning.  DC fans – more of that two-pack is on the way, but Hordak fans will need to wait for a reissue.  Here’s the full text:

Update on Hordak and Alex Luthor/Ultraman sale

Today at 4:43pm

Hey toy fans,

Just to give everyone the latest info from today’s sale of MOTUC Hordak and DCUC Alex Luthor and Ultraman two pack!

1: Ultraman and Luthor (much like Mer-Man) came over on two different shipments. We sold through our first shipment pretty quick, but never fear DC fans, more are on the way – most lilkely by the end of next week. We’ll keep you updated as we confirm an on sale date for this second batch.

2: As for Hordak, well he has been our most successful figure yet. We produced as many Hordak’s as we did Zodac and Mer-Man, but he also sold out faster than any other figure! Just goes to show the power of the Horde lives!

We will continue to increase numbers and adjust as needed on a figure by figure basis. We are well aware of which figure are more popular (i.e. Zodac vs. Hordak) and will continue to do our best to adjust production without the dreaded line-killing over-production option. And yes, in time Hordak will be back for a second run much like we are doing with He-Man and Skeletor in the fall.

And keep in mind that the full 12 figure MOTUC subscription for 2010 will be available in July starting at SDCC (you can even sign up right in our booth if you are at the show!). This is the best method to guarantee you get every figure. And as a bonus, the 2010 subscription will include extra items only available to subscribers (and there will be a nominal fee to cover this). more details will be revealed in San Diego.

Next up is Man-At-Arms on July 15. After that, see you in San Diego!


via Facebook |’s Notes.

Now, here’s the latest round of Q&A with Mattel. Thanks again to Toy Guru!

We know SDCC is almost upon us and you’ll be saving up reveals for the show, so we’ll keep our questions light for this session.  We’ll start with a couple of questions about the DC properties.

1. Of the figures that have made it or will make it to the shelves, which ones are your favorites and why?  (If your favorite is in production but hasn’t been announced yet, feel free to give us a hint.)

  • DCUC:  Green Arrow tends to be a favorite around here. The new hand articulation really works for Ollie!
  • DCIH: The SDCC 3 ¾” Anti Monitor is way cool. And you can get one free with 50 AntiMonitor points at the show.
  • JLU: Blackhawk and Amanda Waller are both personal favorites. To get them both in JLU style is just a thrill.

2. Which figure or figures were you most surprised you were actually able to get made?

  • DCUC: Gentleman Ghost really came out well beyond expectations. We have another obscure figure in Wave 13 next year that is just amazing. One hint: there will be a skull involved.
  • DCIH: Omac is pretty sweet, especially as an Army Builder. Look for a special six-packs with more of this figure at Wal-Mart in the fall.
  • JLU: Again, Amanda Waller falls into this category. Who knew we could make a “female in business suit” figure!

3. If you answered only to yourself, what’s the next character from the D (or even Z) list that you’d put in the line and why?

  • DCUC: Kamani and Ambush are high on Toy Guru’s wish list (in terms of minor characters). Both of them have never been in plastic before and deserve a great figure.
  • DCIH:  Getting the entire LOSH in this scale would be amazing!
  • JLU: Gray Ghost would be just fantastic. Ever since I saw the “Gray Ghost” action figure on Batman The Animated Series I’ve wanted to have one!

4. You could argue that no Masters of the Universe collection would be complete without Orko.  With price point for Classics, some collectors might think twice about buying Orko.  Have you thought about how you might release an Orko, and what will you do to get his value to be on par with the rest of MOTUC?

We know exactly how and when Orko will be in the line. He’s coming sometime in 2010.

5. For Ghostbusters, you’ve said you’re planning to go beyond the four main Ghostbusters.  Does that mean going after other likeness rights, for example, for Sigourney Weaver, Rick Moranis, and Annie Potts?

We are very interested in expanding the line beyond the four main characters.  We may even get to a secondary character before we do all four primary Ghostbuster characters.

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