Exclusive Hellboy 2 Mez-Itz Available at Toys R Us

I never thought I’d be buying designer vinyl toys – that’s something that’s more to my wife’s liking than mine. But one day she bought me a Mighty Muggs Hulk.  (Ok, maybe Muggs don’t qualify as “designer” since they’re targeted at the mass market, but they’re vinyl!)  Since then, I’ve been picking ones up here and there.

One segment where we do overlap is Hellboy vinyl.   She’s bought a few Hellboy Qees and I think these will fit in with those and my Muggs. I’m not sure what to do. Our collecting worlds are colliding.

Toys R Us Exclusive Hellboy Mez-Itz Arriving In Stores This July!

Toys R Us Exclusive Hellboy and Abe Sapien Mez-Itz
Toys R Us Exclusive Hellboy and Abe Sapien Mez-itz

Mez-itz 6″ rotocast vinyl collectables that are cool by design. seriesOne of Mezco’s designer vinyl line presents Hellboy & Abe Sapien. These figures, based on the character designs from the film Hellboy 2:The Golden Army unleash the potential of the Mez-itz designer figures. Applying the essence of these dynamic heroes onto the canvas like Mezitz vinyl Mezco produces something exciting and original.

These two figures are exclusive to Toys R Us and ToysRus.com.

They can be purchased at

or at your local Toys R Us retail location.

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(Note: “seriesOne” is the correct, albeit unusual, spelling for this series)