Press Pics of DC Universe Classics Wave 9

Mattel updated their Facebook page with loose and packaged pictures of DC Universe Classics Wave 9 – Black Adam, Black Canary, Guardian, Deadshot, Green Arrow, Mantis (with human and robot variants), and Wildcat (with black and blue variants).  The two Mantises (Mantii?) are labeled as variants, suggesting a close to even ratio, while the blue Wildcat is labeled a chase figure.  They also have a shot of the completed Chemo Collect and Connect figure.  If I’m not mistaken, all the loose pictures with the exception of the blue chase variant of Wildcat are two-ups.

The question now is when these will start hitting shelves.  Most online retailers show this hitting in 3rd quarter, which is right around the corner.  However no auctions with figures in hand or even pre-sales are up on Ebay, so I’m guessing we’ve still got a while to go.

Black Adam in package.jpgBlack Adam.jpgBlack Canary in package.jpgBlack Canary.jpgDeadshot in package.jpgDeadshot.jpgGreen Arrow in package.jpgGreen Arrow.jpgGuardian in package.jpgGuardian.jpgMantis (human form) in package.jpgMantis (human form).jpgMantis (robot form) in package.jpgMantis (robot form).jpgWildcat (black) in package.jpgWildcat (black).jpgWildcat (blue chase) in package.jpgWildcat (blue chase).jpgChemo.jpgChemo closeup