First Look – DCUC Fists of Clay and Giants of Justice Flash –

The final first look at this week is a double-shot of DC Universe. They take a look at the upcoming DC Universe Classics Fists of Clay 2-pack, featuring a muddied black and gray Batman (a repaint of DCUC wave 1) and Clayface (a re-release from the DC Superheroes line.) I was more interested in the Giants of Justice Flash, a continuation of Mattel’s 12-inch rotocast line that so far has included Batman, Superman, and Killer Croc.

I have not been collecting these due to price – at close to $30 it just seems too high, especially for a rotocast figure. But Flash looks pretty good. He’s going to be on sale at the Toys R Us booth at San Diego Comic-Con.

DC Universe Giants of Justice Flash

I like this figure for what it is. He is a scaled up version of the Four Horsemen’s DCUC sculpt (so it is kinda like getting one of their amazing prototypes) with some of the articulation of his smaller counterpart cut out. His points are as followed- ball head, partial ball shoulders, hinge elbows, waist swivel, cut t-hips and knee hinges. So, not as much articulation as we get in DCUC, but still quite a few point. He is, like the Giants figures before him, a hollow figure with fantastic paint applications, I cannot find one bit of bleed or slop.

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