Four Horsemen Gothitropolis Sneak Peek – FANtastic Exclusive Forum

Pardon me if I get a little misty here – this week has been pretty fantastic in the action figure world.  We started off the week announcing our Marvel Universe Comic Cover Contest that we’re running with had MOTU Classics Hordak and the DC Universe Classics Battle for Earth 3 set on sale on Monday, and that fittingly kicked off an onslaught of Mattel and Four Horsemen announcements and reviews.  If that wasn’t enough, today we get early word on the Marvel Legends relaunch from Wizard World Philly.

But getting back to why I’m posting – seeing as how fantastic of a week it’s been, it’s somehow poetic that we close out the week with a teaser about the Four Horsemen’s Fantastic Exclusive.  Gothitropolis was originally supposed to be the property that would be offered this summer, but for various reasons the 4H decided to go with 7th Kingdom and Queen Alluxandra and variants instead.

After all those announcements, they decided to give a little taste of what the upcoming Egyptian-themed Gothitropolis variants will be like.

Thought you guys might want a sneak peek at things to come…


via FANtastic Exclusive Forum – pssst!…Gothitropolis sneak peek for you FANExers.