DC Universe Classics Wave 10 Packaged Pics

Mattel has updated its Facebook page with packaged pics of wave 10 of DC Universe Classics, which is exclusive to Wal-Mart.  I was wondering how they were able to get Power Girl and her prodigious cleavage into the family-friendly juggernaut retailer, and I wonder if her sideways packaged stance is by Wal-Mart’s request.

Beast Boy.jpgBatman (Morrison JLA).jpgForager.jpgJoker.jpgMan-Bat.jpgPower Girl.jpgRobotman.jpg

  • Beast Boy – Beast Boy with pack out animal form. Looks familiar…
  • Batman – Batman is back, all in black. Check out the all new Bat-Laptop!
  • Forager – Forager joins the New God rebellion!
  • Joker – Where does he get all those wonderful accessories?
  • Man-Bat – By popular request, Kirk in brown deco. Prob the only time we will ever re-issue a former SDCC item.
  • Power Girl – Not the final pack out. Her head will be turned a bit more forward.
  • Robotman – Cliff’s head case is removable to see his brain!

via Mattycollector.com’s Photos – DCUC Wave 9 (sic)

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  1. idk, distribution looks like it is getting much better. One of my local Wal-Marts is getting 3 of the 5 packs and I swear that place never gets anything. So it looks pretty good from here so far!

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