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Looks like the Fwoosh is going to have a busy week. They’ve got a preview of the Superman / Batman: Public Enemies line that should be hitting next month in support of the upcoming animated feature of the same name.

Up until seeing these up close, I had assumed that these figures would share bucks with DC Universe Classics and have newly sculpted heads to match the style of the movie. While the latter is true, it looks like the male figures in the line, at least those pictured here, are sharing a single new base body. The lack of clothing folds by the hips is what gave it away for me.

Superman / Batman: Public Enemies - Icicle, Silver Banshee, Batman, and Superman
Superman / Batman: Public Enemies - Icicle, Silver Banshee, Batman, and Superman

We have a bunch of new Mattel DC stuff for your viewing pleasure coming this week, but up first is a first time treat – a look at four of the new Superman/Batman Public Enemies figures! These six-inch figures are based off of the designs from the upcoming DC Animated movie, but for some, you might be able to fudge them in with your DC Classics collection. Read on to see some pictures and read some thoughts on this new line that will be invading your nearest Target soon.

As revealed at last month’s San Diego Comic Con, this new line of figures is being done to support the latest DC animated movie, but more importantly to us toy collectors, they are being handled by the same all-star team behind DC Universe Classics – the Four Horsemen. That being said, you know you are going to get top of the line sculpts that use parts from the DCUC line. Oh, and they also borrow the DCUC figure stands, but this time they are cast in grey plastic and imprinted with the movie’s logo (one stand is included with each figure).

I haven’t seen a of lot the previews for SB:PE, but the animation style is Ed McGuinness-influenced, and that’s mostly in how the heads look.  The distinctive McG anatomy has been toned down for the mainstream viewers.  That’s also how I’d describe the style for the figure line.

If you are looking for a standalone line, this will work out fine.  If you’d rather incorporate this into your DCUC collection, I think that the headsculpts are a bit too different, stylistically.  However, any extras are another useful source for fodder, especially with the smooth bodies and relative lack of costume details.

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