AFP’s Ask Matty Round-Up for 9/1/9

Here is the latest set of questions and answers from Mattel.  Thanks to Mattel and Toy Guru!

DC Universe Classics

1. Now that you have a paint mask set up for the Romat Ru, what are the chances for a larger Sinestro? Any chance that Sinestro could be redone using the slim buck you created for Deadman?

Sinestro Corps - Romat Ru (769x1024).jpgSinestro Corps - Romat Ru 2 (766x1024).jpgSinestro Corps - Romat Ru and Karu-Sil (1024x769).jpg

We are looking at ways of re-doing Sinestro in the future.

2. You’ve described in the past how the team makes character pics for DC Universe Classics waves. How is the process different for retailer exclusive waves? How are the buyers from the retailers involved for those?

The process is the same for all waves: we discuss all waves or box sets with our retail partners, and we work with Mattel design and marketing, as well as our license partners, to choose the figures.

3. On a related note, the Wal-Mart waves have Superman (Eradicator in wave 5) and Batman (Batman, Joker, and Man-Bat in wave 10) anchors. Do you think that’s an indicator that retailers want more Supes and Bats, and how would that influence your character picks for upcoming waves?

DCUC10 - Joker 2-up (768x1024).jpgDCUC10 - Batman and Man-Bat (767x1024).jpgDCUC10 - Joker closeup (771x1024).jpgDCUC10 - Batman and Man-Bat 2 (768x1024).jpgDCUC10 - Joker 2 (766x1024).jpg

Superman and Batman are ALWAYS the best sellers in the DCU because they are so recognizable and timeless. That is why we try to refresh them in new collector friendly ways each year.

4. There was talk on a few of the forums about a running change on Dr. Fate to gold gloves and cape. Is there an actual running change planned, or was that just wishful thinking?

Yes, we made a running change to an all gold version due to fan demand!

Movie Masters

5. What are the dates for Movie Masters Zod and Superman?

Zod will be out for Holidays 2009, Superman will be out in the Spring of 2010.

Masters of the Universe Classics

6. You recently asked for feedback on various flocking options for Moss Man. From the various sites soliciting feedback, it seems like there was a healthy mix of folks who wanted flocking over anything else and folks who wanted the articulation retained at all costs. What was the decision you made for Moss Man?


A final decision has yet to be made, but we will do all we can to make Moss Man the best possible.

7. Ordering Tri-Klops was as smooth as its ever been, and (as of this writing) he’s still available. Kudos on making the buying process easier, but do you think the production run quantities need to be adjusted?

We will continue to make adjustments as needed.

8. For Club Eternia subscribers, will products ship at the same time as the orders placed when product goes up for sale on Mattycollector, or could they be shipped in advance of that if figures are available? Doing it in advance could spread out the shipping glut that Digital River must have around order days.

They will ship at the same time.


9. You’ve mentioned for MOTU Classics that you had to evaluate the line’s success before investing in unique tooling for characters that needed it. How many figures will you need sales figures for before knowing if the line would support something as unique as a Terror Dog, for example?

Sorry, that is not information we cannot discuss.

10. It looks like Mattel has likeness rights from Sigourney Weaver – at least for the Avatar line of toys. Do those rights also apply to the Ghostbusters line?

We have the rights to create figures based on Sigourney Weaver’s characters in Avatar and Ghostbusters. They are completely separate agreements that happen to involve the same actress.

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