Moss Man Unflocked – Mattel Wants Fan Input on Change to Masters of the Universe Classics Figure

Mattel is asking that you weigh in on Masters of the Universe Classics Moss-Man. They’re having trouble flocking him and want you to pick from two options.

  • Flocked with limited articulation (no elbows, knees, or ankles)
  • Unflocked with all the articulation

The guys at came up with what I think are two very reasonable alternatives.

  • Spot-flocking – only flocking certain areas of the figure that wouldn’t hinder articulation (credit: JonWes,
  • Flocked heads with unflocked bodies (credit: shantustarsun,


I don’t know if spot-flocking is an option, but I prefer that the best.  If that’s not possible, I think that having a flocked head with a fully articulated body is the next best thing.

Please let your voices be heard.  Leave comments here, on Mattel’s Facebook page, or on  Mattel will be making a decision on this next Monday.

Hey He-Fans,

Just to let everyone know, we are working out some of the kinks with Moss Man right now. The flocking on a highly articulated figure is a bit tricker then we expected. There is a chance Moss Man may get pushed out to April and the “as-of-yet-unannounced” April figure will get bumped up to March (see why we have bonus figures in tow, stuff like this happens a lot!). This is not confirmed yet, just want to keep you all in the loop.

And along those lines, would fans be interested in Moss Man if he was not flocked? Or is this a make or break deal? We are doing everything we can to keep him flocked, but just curious what fans think?

If the only way to flock him would be to limit the articulation would that be okay also? Curious what you all think?

We want to hear your feedback!


Here is the flocked version with head 1.

Here is what Moss Man looks like without flock with head 2. Still pretty cool. And both versions would come with both heads whether we flock or not.

via Facebook | Update on Moss Man for March.

3 thoughts on “Moss Man Unflocked – Mattel Wants Fan Input on Change to Masters of the Universe Classics Figure”

  1. I could accept the spot-flocking but the other unflocked options just don’t interest me. And I would rather not hear someone at Mattel try to tell me what is “cool” since I can think and form opinions for myself.

  2. i think the spot-flock idea is best. completely unflocked is a deal breaker for me. what’s next? stinkor with no patchouli??

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