Blackest Night Lantern Rings – How to Get Them All

Ok, so this isn’t exactly action figures, but one of the coolest things I got at San Diego Comic-Con was my own Black Lantern ring.  They were a big hit, causing a line at the DC booth whenever they were giving them out.  (Although, it was not as long a line as there was for the Adult Swim “stick your hand in a hole in the wall” promo.)

People kept asking if they were going to make the rest of the ROYGBIV rings, and DC recently announced a comic book promotion where retailers could get the rings to give away as promotions.  If you’re looking for an easy way to get all seven rings, as well as enter a contest where you could win one of the black rings, here you go!

Collect All Seven Blackest Night Lantern Rings!


If you’re a Green Lantern fan, you know all about Blackest Night, the biggest DC Comics crossover event of the year. But did you know you can collect a complete set of seven Blackest Night Lantern Rings when you buy the comics below?

You have two choices for each issue: either buy just the comic, or choose the comic with ring package. The rings are free, but you will incur a small price jump in shipping (most U.S. customers will see only a $.50 or $1.00 difference) because we can’t ship the rings in a flat package.

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