Brightest Day Lantern Rings – How to Get Them All

In all the excitement about Toy Fair, I nearly missed this announcement about Brightest Day rings. The DC Comics promotion for Blackest Night rings was so successful that they are running another promotion for the upcoming bi-weekly Brightest Day series. This time they’ll be offering new Hal Jordan Green Lantern ring and Barry Allen Flash rings with the purchase of selected comic books.

I’m not sure if it’s the same this time around, but with Blackest Night, comic stores had to order a specific amount of comics, otherwise they wouldn’t qualify for the promotion. So if your local comic book store isn’t big enough, they might not have the rings available. Luckily, here’s a no hassle way to get these two rings in one shot.

Buy a Comic, Get a Brightest Day Ring FREE!

Brightest Day Flash and Green Lantern Rings

DC Comics’ Blackest Night Ring promotion went so well last year, they’ve introduced two new rings that tie into their Brightest Day event! Special-Edition The Flash and Green Lantern rings have been released, and you can get them–FREE–when you purchase The Flash #1 and Green Lantern #53.

Head on over to our Brightest Day Rings page, and you’ll see you’ve got two options: either buy individual issues without the rings, or choose the comics-with-rings options. The rings are free, but you will pay a little extra for shipping and handling (most U.S. customers will see a $.50 to $1.00 increase), because we can’t ship the rings in a flat package.

What do you think about the new Brightest Day Rings? Did any of you collect all of the Blackest Night Rings? Post your comments below!