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Alright, Teela fans, it looks like we’ll be waiting another day or so for a Masters of the Universe Classics Teela review – but VeeBee at the Fwoosh has put up a first look at the upcoming DC Universe Classics Justice in the Jungle 2-pack, with Animal Man and B’wana Beast.  Throughout the Mattel product lines, I think there’s been a reduction in paint apps, but that’s certainly not the case here.  B’wana Beast has got some of the richest paint apps to date, and his skintones are so warm that you almost don’t notice his lack of nipples.

Justice in the Jungle is currently scheduled to go on sale on December 15th on Mattycollector.com – although I think there’s a chance it may slip into the new year since the Color of Fear 2-pack was pushed back a month from October to November.

The figures themselves work really well and I want to highlight that Buddy uses the smaller, slimmer male buck while B’wana Beast uses the larger body shared with guys like Captain Atom. People have said that Mattel should have used the Hawkman body for B’wana Beast (you, know because of the nipples?) but it would have been a trade off as I think that body is too big for B’wana. Paint is a real strong point for this set as well, Animal Man’s eyes are perfectly painted under his goggles and B’wana Beast has very nice airbrushing that accents his muscle tone and very clean lines in the stripes of his loincloth and in the spots of his leopard print.

There is not a ton of 100% new parts on either of the figures (as they don’t really require it) but what is there is great, especially with Animal Man – his jack is new (not a Mr. Terrific reuse) and he does have one of the best head sculpts of the line so far, I really, really love it. B’wana has a great head sculpt as well and I really like how his boot cuffs are textured (much like Giganta’s costume). They could have just used Red Tornado’s boots by they opted to go the extra mile and really counts.

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