DST Announces TRU Exclusives, Including BSG, Marvel, Star Trek, Terminator, and Ghostbusters

Diamond Select Toys continues to help Toys R Us build up its collector-oriented product offerings with action figures and Minimates across the Battlestar Galactica, Marvel, Trek, Terminator, and Ghostbuster licenses.

Have any of you started seeing pre-order forms at your TRUs?

Toys “R” Us Exclusive Updates!

It’s time to send children across America back to school, which means the aisles at Toys”R”Us will be that much easier to navigate while you’re hunting down these hot, exclusive action figures and Minimates! With some already in stores and more on the way, we’ve created this guide to help you find those missing gems from your collection.

Battlestar Galactica Action Figures Series 4:
Arriving In Stores: Now!
This all-new assortment of action figures from the hit SyFy series Battlestar Galactica delivers the first-ever single-packed Number Eight in the form of the misanthropic Boomer in her New Caprica attire. Also included are the new Off-Duty Apollo and the heavy-packed rebellious Red Stripe Cylon Centurions featured in the show’s final episode, Daybreak.

Battlestar Galactica Minimates Series 2:
Arriving in stores: Now!
This entire wave of five new Minimates two-packs will delight sci-fi fans and collectors alike as we round out the cast with new versions of their favorite characters, Cylons and even the Final Five! With Eye Patch Tigh & Captivity Six, Chief Tyrol & Mortar-Pack Cylon Centurion, Athena & Cylon Centurion, Tory Foster & Sam Anders, plus the enigmatic Ellen & Simon two-packs in stores now, this set is the perfect companion to our next exclusive…

Battlestar Galactica Mini-Flyers Series 1:
Arriving in stores: Now!
Long-rumored and eagerly-awaited, the Battlestar Galactica Mini-Flyers have landed and are defending Toys”R”Us shelves nationwide from would-be Cylon attackers. With working cockpits perfect for an adventurous Minimate, both ships also include a new exclusive BSG Minimate! The Mark VII Viper is piloted by the first-ever Hotdog release and the Cylon Raider features the all-new gold Cylon Commander.

Marvel Minimates Series 4:
Arriving in stores: September ’09
Continuing the Minimate invasion of the Toys”R”Us aisles, the latest assortment of Marvel Minimates is ready to deliver army builders, fan-favorites and sneak-previews, PLUS two new exclusive sets designed to remedy those gaps in your collection. X-Force Wolverine gets an early debut along with the Vault Guard, Insulated Spider-Man takes an early shot at Electro and two all-star members of the Ultimates face off with Ultimate Hulk and Ultimate Iron Man. The exclusive Secret Wars companion set includes the evil Molecule Man and an all-new Julia Carpenter Spider-Woman while the X-Men make their mark with the X-Factor Angel and the debut of Warpath!

Star Trek Action Figures Series 3:
Arriving in stores: Now!
The spirit of classic Star Trek is still alive and well in Toys”R”Us stores across America, as evidenced by the latest wave of original series action figures! Take a trip to the legendary Mirror Universe with both Mirror Kirk and Spock but also keep your eyes out for the first-ever Kang the Klingon release!

Terminator 2 Minimates Series 2:
Arriving in stores: Now!
They said they’d be back and now they’re ready to take over your collection as they battle evil cybernetic forces from the future in a battle to save humanity! Though you’ll have to journey into comic book stores to find the Asylum Assault T-1000 & Inmate Sarah Connor, Toys”R”Us stores will be carrying the rest of the wave plus the exclusive Battle Damaged Endoskeleton & Silver T-1000. Motorcycle Cop T-1000 & Battle Damaged Sarah Connor and T-800 & Young John Connor round out the set.

Ghostbusters Minimates Series 2:
Arriving in stores: Now!
Because the first wave sold out faster than you can say “ectoplasmic residue” we’ve got a follow-up assortment of exclusive Ghostbusters Minimates that’s simply to die for! With Ray & Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, Winston & Taxi Ghost, Lab Coat Egon & Jogger Ghost, Peter & Energized Terror Dog plus Luis Tully & Slimer – this is your chance to add these all-new ghosts to the mix and complete your Ghostbusters team!

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