Get Warmed Up for San Diego Comic-Con Exclusives with Entertainment Earth’s Buy One Get One Half Off Sale

Entertainment Earth is hosting a great opening act for the big show – they’ve got a Buy One Get One Half Off sale on San Diego Comic-Con exclusives. The catch? It’s for the exclusives from past years. What, you didn’t expect them to put this year’s exclusives on sale before the show, did you?

There’s nearly 60 items on sale, from toy makers like Funko, Diamond Select Toys, Bif Bang Pow!, Underground Toys, Diamond Select Toys, and even Mattel (who hasn’t sold exclusives through Entertainment Earth, as far as I can recall.)

Bust Sale at Entertainment Earth – Buy One Get Another at 40% Off

Entertainment Earth has just launched a new bust sale. Dozens of in-stock busts qualify for a buy one, get a second for 40% off deal. I considered titling this post “Busty Sale” just to see how that would affect AFP’s search engine results.

image Bust Sale – Save Big on In-Stock Busts!

If you want to add a couple of awesome busts to your collection, today is the day! Buy any in-stock bust, and get a second one for 40% off. Choose from dozens of styles, including the swell Incredible Hulk Mini-Bust. We have busts of Superman, zombies, Sith Lords, and various Green Lanterns. Order yours today, because the best ones are sure to go fast!

See All Gentle Giant Hulk Busts Items

Art Asylum and Diamond Select Toys Shipping Update 8/10


Don’t be fooled by the link in Diamond’s shipping update for Star Trek TOS Series 5 – the lineup was changed to Kirk in his green dress shirt, a reissue of Scotty, and a Romulan. The DST website still shows short-sleeved McCoy, Nurse Chapel, Yeoman Rand, and Kirk – the only survivor of this particular away party. The other three are still in limbo.

And, if you missed the latest Ask DST update, Chuck reveals that the next Marvel Select figure will be Gambit.

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Battlestar Galactica Cylon Two-Pack Packaged Pics

Diamond Select Toys hasn’t updated its shipping list in a while, but this Cylon 2-pack was originally expected back in April, not long after Talyn reviewed the TRU exclusive BSG Stealth Cylon, which is getting a redeco for this set. I suspect this will be good for BSG army builders.

There’s a fair amount of folks that I know that have recommended the TV series to me, but I haven’t given it a shot yet. Should I?

Cylon Vs. Cylon in this Daybreak 2-pk!

What has the world come to when it’s Cylon vs. Cylon?

Oh, that’s right, the END OF THE BSG WORLD AS WE KNOW IT!!!

Will your Battle-Damaged Red Stripe Cylon win?

Or will the Battle-Damaged Razor Cylon Warrior win?

Fight out your own battles with these two Daybreak Cylons!

via Art Asylum Blog » Cylon Vs. Cylon in this Daybreak 2-pk!.

Toys R Us Exclusive Battlestar Galactica Steath Warrior Cylon

I’ll admit to being an old school “Battlestar” fan, more knowledgeable about the original series than the new. But when I saw this Cylon figure hanging on the pegs at my local Toys R’ Us, i had to pick it up. It has enough of the old look mixed with the new to please the old school fans such as myself.

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