James Cameron Avatar 3.75-Inch Figures on Mattycollector.com Starting December 1

Mattel has announced that its line of 3.75-inch figures for the upcoming Avatar movie by James Cameron will be on sale starting December 1 on Mattycollector.com.  I find this really interesting, because this will be the first time that Mattel is selling a mass market-oriented product on Mattycollector.com while the product is still in the retail channel, although it’s a month after the line started hitting retail stores.

This is something they are planning to do with DC Universe Classics too.  Originally the “month after retail” was to start with wave 9, but that was changed to wave 11, when Mattel’s stash of wave 9 were in short supply.

Also interesting is the choice of the 3.75-inch line over the 6-inch line – I would think that the 6-inch line, in scale with its Dark Knight Movie Masters and Ghostbusters lines would have been more suited for the Mattycollector.com customer base.  Maybe there’s more coming.

James Cameron’s Avatar™ Is Coming!

Avatar - Jake Sully.jpgAvatar - Col. Miles Quaritch.jpgAvatar - Avatar Jake Sully.jpgAvatar - Neytiri.jpgAvatar - AMP Suit.jpgAvatar - RDA Gunship.jpgAvatar - RDA Grinder.jpgAvatar - Thanator.jpg

Welcome, Avatar Fans!

I’m seriously stoked about the latest news here at MattyCollector.com… the adventure-packed world of James Cameron’s Avatar™ is coming to my site! There’s an amazing collection of figures, creatures, and vehicles — all inspired by the visually groundbreaking movie.

We’ve got all the key characters, like hero Jake Sully, tough guy Colonel Miles Quaritch, and warrior princess Neytiri. Creatures include the six-legged Direhorse and the Mountain Banshee, and you gotta check out the wicked AMP Suit and the RDA Gunship vehicles!

I can’t tell you which is my favorite, ’cause they’re all incredible. Do yourself a favor and see all the images here. James Cameron’s Avatar™ is available in stores now, and on MattyCollector.com on December 1, 2009. Now would be a great time to sign up for email from me, so you’ll get a reminder, straight to your inbox.


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  1. I have to wonder if Mattel is focusing on the 3.75 scale because of the vehicles. It seems like that is where the real money will come from for this series.

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