DC Universe Classics Wave 11 and Retro-Action DC Super Heroes Green Arrow on Sale December 23

Just a quick reminder – you may be wrapped up in your last-minute holiday shopping, but don’t forget that DC Universe Classics Wave 11 box set and the Retro-Action DC Super Heroes Green Arrow go on sale at Noon ET on MattyCollector.com.

Get all the DCU Classics figures from Wave 11 in a single boxed set! This 8-figure set includes all the parts needed to make the Collect and Connect™ Killowog figure. Includes:

  • John Stewart (with constructs)
  • Katma Tui (with constructs)
  • Shark
  • The Question (fan choice figure!)
  • Cyborg Superman in Sinestro Corps outfit
  • Deadman
  • Steppenwolf (Red version)
  • Steppenwolf (Green version)

Please Note: This set does not include the chase clear version of Deadman.

via MattyCollector.com Online Store – DCU Classics Wave 11 Boxed Set.

Who says they don’t make toys like they used to? Inspired by the classic fabric-clothes figures from the ’70s and ’80s, Green Arrow is the first release from the Retro-Action™ DC Super Heroes line!

Green Arrow comes in an 8″ body with removable soft-goods hero outfit, bow, and hat. This preview figure is exclusive to Mattycollector.com, with the rest of the line arriving at Toys “R” Us and select online retailers in spring 2010.

via MattyCollector.com Online Store – Green Arrow.