Mad Monday Sale Starting 6/27

Mattel’s Mad Matty Monday (whew that’s a mouthful) is on – right now, in fact! If you’re willing to plunk down $40 plus shipping for a random grab bag, you could hit it big! If I didn’t have the Club Eternia subscription for Masters of the Universe Classics, I’d probably pick up one of those. Since figures are $20 and up, you’d be getting $40 easy – unless they saddle you with 3 sets of stands – but they’ve already said each pack would exceed the $40 mark.

It applies even more so for Ghostbusters, since there’s not an item in that brand that goes below $20. In the DCU brand, I’m more wary, because I only collect DC Universe Classics, and I’d just have to find other homes for JLU or Retro Super Heroes stuff.

Toy Fans,

Don’t like Mondays? Forget about it – I’m about to chase away those blues with my new Mad Matty Monday sale! What exactly is Mad Matty Monday? It’s a special sale that will happen on various Mondays throughout the year, whenever the mood strikes me. You never know what will be offered but it’s guaranteed to be insanely awesome, that’s why it’s called Mad Matty Monday!

The first one is June 27th and I’ve created three different product bundles. Each one will cost $40 plus shipping. No hints on what’s inside… they’re called Mystery Packs for a reason! I will guarantee, however, that each one has three items inside and the value of the pack definitely exceeds the $40 price. You’ll want to get there early because quantities on most of the items are extremely low.

There are no limits – you can buy as many of each one as you want and all packs purchased in a single transaction will ship together for even bigger savings. Here are the packs you’ll be able to choose from:

The sale starts Monday, June 27th at 9 a.m. PT (12 p.m. ET) and goes through July 11th at 8 a.m. PT, unless all items are sold out before then. Want reminders? Like all sales, I post them on Facebook, Twitter and in our Fan Forums. I’ll send an email reminder, too, so click here to register.

See you on the 27th – it’s gonna be crazy good!


P.S. Because of limitations on commercial shipments, this sale is only open to US customers.

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Masters of the Universe Classics Faceless One, Battleground Teela, and More on Sale 6/15

It could be a relatively slow day for the MattyCollector sale for June. Headlining the Masters front is the Faceless One (that was not an attempt at a pun) – despite being revealed as Evil-Lyn’s father, he’s a more obscure choice from the 200X cartoon series and received a bit of a lukewarm reception to his MOTUC reveal at NY Toy Fair.

On the other hand, Battleground Teela looks to be a fantastic quarterly bonus figure for folks that want her rendition from the mini-comics. See the Fwoosh’s First Look at Battleground Teela for more pics. Round out the day with Grizzlor and Whiplash re-issues, a Ghostbusters 2 Winston, and a GL John Stewart for the Mego fans.

Here’s the link to the all-in-one bundled order page for your convenience.

Mattel also announced today its 2012 editions of Club Ecto and Club Eternia, along with newcomer Club Lion Force for its new Voltron offerings. More info to come at San Diego Comic-Con, but the pleasant surprise here is that your orders for multiple club subscriptions will now benefit from combined shipping.

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San Diego Comic-Con 2010 – Mattel Mattypalooza Panel

Mattel held its Mattypalooza panel on Friday at San Diego Comic-Con. In it, they covered the exclusives:

  • DC Universe – Green Lantern Retro-Action DC Super Heroes, JLU New Gods 2-packs, and the DC Universe Classics Legion of Super Heroes 12-pack (these were also covered in the Mattel DC Universe panel that included the retail-based products)
  • Ghostbusters – Retro-Action, 6-inch, 12 inch figures, and the PKE meter prop replica
  • Masters of the Universe Classics

You can see pictures of the new Masters reveals in the San Diego Comic-Con 2010 – Mattel Masters of the Universe Classics – Updates article. Pics of the Ghostbusters coming soon.

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San Diego Comic-Con 2010 – Mattel DC Universe Panel

Mattel held its DC Universe panel at San Diego Comic-Con on Friday. We caught the presentation in its entirety.

Some highlights for me:

  • Jonah Hex in DC Universe Classics wave 16! That’s the top of my list for DC, and I’m replacing Hex with Sgt. Rock for my most wanted list.
  • Corrected Sinestro in his classic blue costume – the 5-pack Sinestro head on Hal Jordan body isn’t doing it for me, so I’ll be psyched if they fix this by putting Sinestro on a more suitable body.
  • Ch’p (or is it the other little furry Lantern?) – hey, could this pave the way for a Dex-Starr, the Rage Kitty?

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Retro-Action DC Super Heroes Wave 2 Carded Pics

Mattel has posted some carded images of the second wave of its Retro-Action DC Super Heroes line. I can’t remember the last time an action figure line got a pink card – if there ever was a time that happened. Odd choice, right?

via Facebook |’s Photos – Retro-Action DC Super Heroes–Wave 2 Carded.

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