Don’t Miss the Fwoosh DC Universe Classics March Madness Tourney Round 2

It’s Round 2! Vote for your favorite DC Universe Classics figures and help determine who comes out on top of the first Fwoosh DC Universe Classics March Madness tournament! The toughest choice for me was Hawkman vs. Deadshot, and I’m rooting for Wildcat over Wonder Woman.

The Madness continues after a first round filled with predictables, cinderellas, blow-outs close calls and everything in between. It is now time to to turn your attention to those that survived, and the match-ups are becoming more intense. 128 figures entered and we have cut the field in half, but there is still a long way to go until we crown the King (or Queen) of DCUC!

The routine is the same as before, we will trudge on through the same regions and we have separate voting sites for each. Follow the links below to vote in each region after you check out the current standing the entire bracket!

Full Tournament Bracket and Schedule

As you know, the 8 regions are:

Go make those tough choices in the second round and remember, this round closes on Friday, March 26th!

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