Figure Flashback – Bandai Anime Collector’s BIG O

Bandai Anime Collectors Big O

Back in the good ol’ days of 2001, during the hight of popularity for new anime in America, there was a little cartoon block on cable television called “Toonami.” This was where all the awesome action packed shows imported to America showed up, and where several toy lines got their kickstart, including Bandai’s short lived “Anime Collectors” line.

These figures were released with accessories such as extra hands and weapons, and also came with the shows key characters to display with the large ticket item for each pack. Several different figures were produced from different popular anime shows of the time, from Cowboy Bebop, Escaflowne, to Outlaw Star and Pilot Candidate. However, the one we are checking out here today is BIG O.


“Big O” is known for having nearly zero merchandise produced for it, even though it was a very successful show, so when this guy did come out, he was quite hard to find, along with his collection buddies. I managed to pick this one up on bay, which is probably the only place you will find these nowadays. But it is well worth the search.

This figure was made back when Bandai actually produced toys with full paint details, back when they didn’t cut every corner they could like they do on newer lines, such as Power Rangers. Every little detail of the hulking megadeuce is here, from the clear plastic head crest and chest area, to the bolts and rivets all over his body. The articulation is great for what was designed to be a restricted movement robot design.

Nearly all points of articulation are ball socket joints, and pop off easily. Big O comes with 3 different sets of hands. A somewhat open fingered set, closed fist set, and flat connected figures set. All easily pop off to be used as you like. The additional hands even have their own painted details, something Bandai would not have done if this were made now.


There is one Big O figure out there that outshines this bad boy, the “Soul of Chogokin” Big O, but with a price tag of over $140, this Bandai version is probably much more practical for most collectors… if you can find one. If you can get yourt hands on one, this little gem from the past is a great addition to any giant monster fighting robot collection.


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  1. YES! Big O is the ABSOLUTE GREATEST! THANK YOU! I found a few on the bay that I am watching (as well as the Soul of Chogokin one that I want SO MUCH.) Now I just need to justify paying.

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