Poll: Will You Buy the All-In Club Eternia Subscription?

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As a follow-up to yesterday’s poll (What Kind of Club Eternia Subscription Do You Want for 2011?) I wanted to ask you how you felt about the Toy Guru’s all-in option.   Here’s Toy Guru’s description of the current plan.

So the tentative plan for 2011 is to have the following:

  • 12 Monthly figs
  • 4 Quarterly figs
  • 4 Oversized figs ($30 – $60)
  • 1 Subscription only figure (similar to Wun-Dar)

We are only going to offer one type of subscription (sorry folk, no tiers here). That being said, would fans prefer the subscription include only the 12 monthly figures or 1 of every sku including quarterly figures and oversize figures? Things could change, and obviously if Battlecat and Tytus don’t perform well we may not go forward with the oversize skus in 2011, but from initial feedback from NYTF, it looks like fans can’t wait for more big characters!

via 2011 Subscription – all in or only monthly figs?

It looks like the all-in subscription would guarantee double the expense that the 2010 Club Eternia sub does, so I will have to think twice before pulling the trigger on that. I would also think that if the subscription is double the cost, then Mattel ought to include two bonus figures.

If you’ve got some thoughts on this, feel free to leave a comment below.