SDCC 2015: Hasbro Transformers Panel Video and Official Pics

SDCC 2015 Hasbro Transformers Panel and Reveals

Hasbro held their Transformers Generations: More Than Meets the Eye panel on Thursday. We shot video of the panel, and Hasbro followed up by sending us the official pics for the products mentioned during the panel.

Talking to Jerry Jivoin and the marketing and design team on Transformers, it’s clear how much more compelling the Transformers are when the toys are part of the story, whether that story is being told in the comics, video games, or media on the small or big screen. That comes through in their panel presentation this year.

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Toy Fair 2015: Hasbro Transformers (including Devastator Video Fly-Bys)

Toy Fair 2015 Hasbro Transformers Devastator and More (5 of 11)

Hasbro unveiled the latest and largest in their Combiner Wars line, going back to the beginning with Devastator. Made up of six Voyager class Constructicons, Devastator will be the biggest Combiner yet.

I’ve got video fly-bys of Devastator in his combined form and the individual Constructicons in their robot and vehicle modes. For the rest Transformers display, I took some group shots but not much else. Yes, I admit it – I’m not a very good Transfan.

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NYCC 2014: Hasbro Shares Press Pics from ‘Twas the Night Before Party

Marvel Infinite Series Wave 2

The mood lighting at Hasbro’s ‘Twas the Night Before (New York Comic Con) party was great for getting us in a festive mood, but is hell on the smart phone I have convinced myself is better than lugging around a few pounds of camera gear. (How’d I do? Check out my own pics from the event.) But Hasbro planned ahead, sharing press pics of pretty much all the reveals from this evening’s soiree.

And of course, we’re sharing them with you. We’ve got the official pics from Marvel, Star Wars, Transformers, KRE-O, and the latest of the Angry Birds mash-ups – Angry Birds Transformers. Enjoy!

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DC Collectibles Reveals San Diego Comic-Con Exclusives –

Black Hand, Dex-Starr, Arkillo and Sinestro - Green Lantern 4-pack

DC Collectibles revealed four exclusives for San Diego Comic-Con via USA Today. They found the Superman in the Aardman style ($24.95) most interesting, but the four-pack of Green Lantern characters in the 3.75-inch scale ($49.95) is what caught my eye. It’s got Sinestro in his Green Lantern costume, Arkillo from the Sinestro Corps, Black Hand, and the feline fiend from the Red Lantern Corps – Dex-Starr.

Also of note, Hugo Strange from Batman: Arkham City ($29.95) – the only other Hugo Strange I know of was back when DCC was still DC Direct, but that was just his head on a Batman figure. This will be the first time I’ve seen him in action figure form in something resembling his normal lab coat / doctor’s get-up. Rounding out the exclusives is a 3-pack of Supergirl, Batgirl, and Wonder Girl in animated style ($49.95)

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Ask Matty Q&A for 11/15

I know we’re a week behind schedule with this, but I’ve been extremely busy with life outside toys. 🙂

Here’s the latest Ask Matty Q&A from our pals at Mattel.

Can you give us some approximate shelf dates for the new Batman Legacy figures we saw, including the Batman / Catwoman 2-packs, Harley Quinn, and Nighting from Arkham City, and the First Appearance Batman and Golden Age Catwoman? Any more Batman Legacy waves planned before movie figures take over the shelves?

Arkham City (1280x1280).jpgArkham City (11) (1280x1280).jpgArkham City (1) (1277x1280).jpgArkham City (10) (850x1280).jpgArkham City (5) (851x1280).jpgArkham City (7) (852x1280).jpgBatman Legacy (2) (1280x1280).jpgBatman Legacy (4) (850x1280).jpgBatman Legacy (5) (854x1280).jpgBatman Legacy (1) (1277x1280).jpg

There will be one more wave, which will come end of December/early January.

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