Marvel Minimates Toys R Us Two-Packs Wave 6


The 6th wave of Toys R Us Marvel Minimates Two-Packs have started to hit Toys R Us stores this week with a line up of Thor Reborn/Lady Loki, Secret-Wars Storm/Klaw (TRU exclusive), Stretch Attack Mr. Fantastic/World War Hulk (TRU exclusive) and Battle-damaged Wolverine/Captain America. I didn’t pick up the Wolverine/Cap pack as I already have a Wolvie and I didn’t like the way Cap looked. I thought his mask wasn’t well executed and I’m hoping for a better one in the future.

We’ll have a look at the other three sets today!

First up:  Thor Reborn and Lady Loki!


Thor sports his Reborn costume in this set and it looks spot-on to his current comic look. His body uses a torso extender (see thumbnail pic below) which makes him taller than regular minimates. The added height, together with his wide torso costume piece makes him pretty bulky, which is appropriate for Thor. Included of course is his hammer, Mjolnir, which is a nice sculpt, but is missing it’s inscription of “Whosoever holds this hammer…” His face looks a little soft with thinner lines used to illustrate his face, but the rest of the paint work looks good.

Lady Loki is just as her name implies, a female version of Loki. Her hairpiece looks nice and I like the way they sculpted her horns. No accessories for her. She uses the standard minimate body, with a removable coat.


This set is also included in the regular series wave 33.

Next up: Secret Wars Storm and Klaw!


Storm is in her “mohawk” costume which she also wore during Secret Wars. I am a big fan of this Storm outfit! I like her mohawk hairsculpt, simple yet well done! Klaw is pretty much a standard minimate body with his sonic arm thingie. Storm and Klaw have the most basic bodies in this wave but they are welcome additions to the Minimates collection, especially “Mohawk” Storm.

This set is a Toys R Us exclusive.


Lastly we have Stretch Attack Mr. Fantastic and World War Hulk!


I was going to pass on this set as I don’t really need battle-damaged versions of characters, but when I saw Mr. Fantastic’s “stretch attack” accessory, I was intrigued. Now this set has become my unexpected favorite of the bunch.

Mr. Fantastic has some battle-damage detail on his costume, which I wished he didn’t have as I don’t have any Fantastic Four minimates yet. But if you already have him in his non-damaged costume, he’s still worth it for his accessory! Let me just say I love the “stretch attack” accessory he comes with. It is pretty much a solid piece, hollow in the inside, and  you can put another Minimate in it to show how Reed can wrap around his opponent. Standard minimate bodies fit well inside the accessory, bulkier ones however don’t fit as well. I had to take apart World War Hulk’s legs for him to fit in there. Still, I like the creativity of the accessory, and it is a great display option.

World War Hulk has the same torso “extender” that Thor has, with the taller feet segments for added height. Normal sized feet are also included in the set, along with his sword, which can attach to a peg on his back. I like the “mop top” hairpiece he has.

This set is another Toys R Us exclusive.


Overall another good wave to add to the Marvel Minimates Collection. Modern Thor and Mohawk Storm are welcome additions and Mr. Fantastic’s “stretch attack” accessory was a pleasant surprise. I hope Art Asylum has more creative accessories like this in store for us in the future.  TRU seem to be stocking these in good numbers, two of my local Toys R Us have already had a restock after getting them last week.

The regular series Wave 33 and 34 have started to show up online and I’m looking forward to picking those up!


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