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After a lot of torture (aka reading the Fwoosh forum thread about 3A Toys and World War Robot) I’ve jumped in with a WWRP pre-order. And since there’s really no telling when those will actually ship, I’ve submitted to more torture (aka looking at pictures of other people’s 3A collections).

Here’s a fun quick look at the big brother 1/6 scale WWR line. I’m looking forward to BattleGrip’s big review of the Berties 7-pack.

World War Robot Berties Hit the Outdoors

It’s such a beautiful day here that Gina and I took the dogs for a walk to the park . . . and I immediately turned us around so that I could grab robots and the camera. I love when the water’s high around the park because it lets me take some fun shots of toys in nature.

I’m getting closer to launching the series of World War Robot* Bertie reviews. Many photos have been shot, the review headers for the master entry and all seven Berties are complete, and once I get all of the Squares set I’ll begin writing. It looks like this will be a series of nine reviews . . . there are a lot of robots in this box.

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  1. @Talyn – They’re fantastic toys. Comparing the Bramble that I have to the Berties really shows how far 3A has come in terms of durability and quality. These Berties, while fragile, don’t feel like they’re going to snap whenever I touch them.

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