Don’t Miss the Fwoosh DC Universe Classics March Madness Tourney Final Four

Argh! Blue Beetle took out Batman with a late afternoon surge. And now we’re down to the Final Four participants. Looking at the entire field, there’s a lot of other figures that I think were worthy of making it this far, but there’s the luck of the draw, and there’s no telling who people are actually going to vote for.

I’m pulling for Deathstroke and Kilowog this round. Go vote!

124 down, just three to go! We have reached the Tournament Semifinals (better known to most as the Final Four) and while we say “smell ya later” to Thanagar, Rann, Qward and Korugar the action is about to get even bigger. Good thing for us the next two stops for the tournament are Apokolips and New Genesis where EVERYTHING is bigger and we are set for two match-ups of Fourth World proportions! Before we go, let’s look at the wrap-up of the last round:

  • On Thanagar, Green Arrow soundly dispatched Darkseid 65-35 promising the latter will only play host and not participant on his home planet in the next round.
  • Qward hosted the biggest margin of victory of the round as Deathstroke barely broke a sweat againt Metamorpho 75-25. Rex had a great run, but 90% brain utilization just proved too much for him.
  • Rann, on the other hand, was the scene of the closest match-up of the tournament thus far as the Blue Beetle took down Batman to the tune of 51-49: it was an actual margin of victory of near single digits. Finally, we can put it to rest once and for all: Blue Beetle > Batman!
  • Not to be outdone, Korugar produced the SECOND closest round of the tournament as Kilowog barely held off a late-surging Joker 51-49. The big K’s victory gap was only two votes wider than Ted’s. Kilowog finally faced a challenge in the voting and he is now surely battle tested.

Now it is your responsibility to whittle the field down to the final two, so vote wisely. Who do you think are the best two figures of the DC Universe lines? Vote now, and remember: voting for this round ends on April 4th.

View the full Bracket HERE

The remaining schedule is as follows:

  • Semifinals: April 3-4
  • Finals: April 5-6
  • Wrap up on April 7th

See you on Oa!

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