threeA Toys WWRp Dirty Deeds 12-Pack

Much to my chagrin, I was woefully ignorant about 3A Toys and World War Robot when the Dirty Deeds 12-pack was announced, back in October last year. They were only available for pre-order for a 24-hour window. When I saw tigerfeet’s pics on the 3A Toys forum, I asked if I could repost them here. I’m not sure why, because it’s more than a little like torture to see these great pics of toys I’ll probably never have in my own collection.


I asked for some thoughts on the set, and here’s what tigerfeet had to say:

As per usual some top notch packaging for the 12 dirty deeds but nothing quite prepared me for the sheer size of the box when it arrived. Removing the slip case opened up the inside of the box to proudly show the 12 dirty deeds and three squares, squares being a personal favourite at the moment.

In total there are 6 gatling guns, 3 pistols and 3 machetes in the box to make up the 12. All have different face decals and the articulation is perfect so had alot of fun deciding how to position them. So if you have a 3A Nom de Plume coming then you will be very happy when the set is put together.

Another AAA product from Ash, Kim and all at 3A.


I’m going to have to read through my copy of the Complete World War Robot again, but as I recall, the 12 Dirty Deeds Berties were originally created to seek out and destroy the mysterious Nom De Plume, a mythical human in the WWR who seems to serve only his own agenda. He somehow manages to subvert the Berties’ programming and now has his own squad of a dozen killer robots to command.

I really hope I have the willpower to avoid going for the sets that are popping up every so often on eBay. They’re only going for 5 – 6 times the original price. 🙂


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  1. I know that feel, bro. I love the WWR (and ZvR) ‘bot designs, but these guys are waaaaaaaaay out of my price range…

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