Mattel Green Lantern Classics Pre-Orders

Those rascals at the Fwoosh have discovered pre-order pages for a new Green Lantern Classics line from Mattel, due out in the fall of this year. Some early words from online retailers:

  • an assortment of 8 figures
  • comics-based, not movie-based
  • compatible with DC Universe Classics
  • and include the Collect and Connect concept

Please note that this is early going, and is all subject to change. Still, damn, I’m excited!

You can find pre-order listings at these AFP sponsors:

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5 thoughts on “Mattel Green Lantern Classics Pre-Orders”

  1. I preordered these from Cornerstore a few days ago and now on my account it says “do not use” where it used to say “Mattel mystery classics etc.” Have they already cancelled the line or was this a hoax or did something less annoying happen? I called Cornerstore but the girl who answered knew nothing and said I would have to wait till Monday to ask the owner and to ask why the pics for wave 15 were not posted on their site like they advertised.

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