Mattel Dark Knight Movie Masters Two-Face

Honestly, we all know that Two-Face from the Dark Knight Movie Masters line is a figure that should have came out about 2 years ago. Oh well – good things come to those who wait…


This was available for a short time on Matty Collector’s website, however I was able to find mine at the local Toys R’ Us.  I am very glad Mattel decided to release these to retail, because I probably wouldn’t have went through the trouble to order it online.  However, I am glad i picked it up, as I was a collector of the first Movie Master figures released to retail before “The Dark Knight” was released to theaters.


This is a very nice figure, detailed down to the burned suit, however, some of the paint applications are messy or outright cartoonish. The red splotches on the suit look like Harvey got splattered with some paint. And the “burn” marks on the neck are clearly done with a quick sloppy brush stroke. But the sculpted details are there, and that’s what matters.


The face sculpt is amazing, I just wish the paintjob matched the sculpt. Also for some reason the suit jacket and tie have some silver metallic flecks in it… maybe silver overspray from the factory? Who knows. I gave him the coin and gun accessories, the only ones that come with the figure is a pack in two sided coin made of aluminum, surprisingly.

If you see this guy, be sure to pick him up, especially if you have the previous Movie Masters figures!