Masters of the Universe Classics She-Ra

If you’re a child of the 80’s, you most likely know She-Ra. Aside from Wonder Woman, She-Ra was one of the popular heroines of that time, and although I didn’t have any of the toys, me and my brother did watch She-Ra when we were kids. Hey, she’s He-Man’s sister, and she was strong, beautiful, and she kicked butt! What’s not to like?

She-Ra makes a comeback to toys through the Master of the Universe Classics line, and if you were online at on June 15, you know even with the increased production, She-Ra still sold out pretty quickly. So why am I reviewing her when she’s sold out? Well, because we love pics and we love to talk toys here at AFP, and I have no doubt that if you missed out on her, she will be re-issued again in the future. And well, there’s also eBay.

Let’s have a look at the Princess of Power, shall we?


Out of the package, She-Ra sports the masked look she had in the old toy line. You can see below the two ways the mask can be worn, and unfortunately you can’t have her maskless as there is a peg hole on her forehead. She comes with an alternate head, which is pretty much her animated look, her Sword of Protection, shield and her axe-comb (an homage to the original toy’s axe-comb which you can use to comb her rooted hair with). Her cape is also a separate piece that can be taken off if you pop her head off.

She uses standard female body for this line with a couple of new parts. You can see below how she has different shoulders from Teela, I noticed that Teela has a smoother shoulder joint, while on She-Ra you can see that lifted ridge where the articulation point is. She also doesn’t have the same ankle tilts that Teela has, she still tilts, but the range is not as good as Teela’s, maybe because there is less space due to her heeled shoes.

I was really happy when they used a very flexible plastic for Evil-Lyn, unfortunately She-Ra’s dress is not the same. It’s still slightly flexible, but it does hinder some of her leg movement..



I really like her head sculpt. She’s got nicely sculpted flowing hair. It’s got just enough movement without going too overboard with the windswept look. One thing I wished they could’ve done though is paint the skin on her face. They pretty much went with the flesh-colored plastic so it is a bit shinier than Teela’s face – I know I keep comparing her to Teela, as I missed out on Adora, so I can’t compare them!

The other details like her eyes and the gold on her winged tiara were well painted on the figure I had. One more thing on the face, the figure I got had a small line going down on the left side of her forehead, it looks like a slight crack – I was surprised the pics didn’t pick it up but it’s there. My sister’s She-Ra had the same issue and the mold lines on the leg of her figure had some slight paint stains on them. It seems the quality control took some hits on the figures that we got.




After taking pics of her masked head I immediately switched to the alternate head, and it will probably stay that way as I like the animated look better. I did have some difficulty snapping the alternate head on, it took a bit of force to get it on there, and I was hoping I wouldn’t break the neck peg – another reason why the animated look is staying on there permanently.


Posing-wise, you can get She-Ra in some nice fighting stances, although like I mentioned, the skirt does restrict some leg movement. I’ve thought about cutting some slits on the side of her skirt, so I can get more forward movement out of her legs, but I’m still on the fence about that – the $30 price, tax and shipping included, can make you think twice about cutting anything!

She can’t look up very well as her hair restricts this, but she can look down and swing her head side to side. I’m happy about this as some DC Universe figures with long hair have very restricted head movement.


Side by side with his brother, He-Man is slightly taller, but in some angles, due to her winged Tiara, She-Ra looks taller than He-Man.


I’m happy to see She-Ra in the Masters of the Universe Classics line. They made a good representation of her, and it was thoughtful of Mattel to include her classic look for fans of the old toy line, even throwing in the classic axe-brush. I do wish she had a softer skirt for more movement and that her face was painted. I haven’t had a lot of quality control issues with this toy line, aside from the occasional loose joint, but the figures that my sister and I got seem to have some. Hopefully this is not a widespread issue.

The good thing about including characters from She-Ra’s world is that Mattel has more characters to play with in their MOTUC line. I myself can’t wait for Mantenna!

Well, that’s it for now, thanks for looking and I hope you all enjoyed the pics!


6 thoughts on “Masters of the Universe Classics She-Ra”

  1. Good looking pics as usual. My favorite is the one where He-Man and She-Ra are back to back against a horde of villains. That’s a great angle and a nice composition.

    Teela and She-Ra are going to have a helluva time combing that fur!

  2. Hey great pics, but I have to make a comment on one of the things you said wanting them to paint some detail on the face. I received my sub She-Ra last Thursday and I have asked people about her “Filmation”-style head on, but no one ever responds. My question was did anybody other than me get a She-Ra with a “Filmation”-style head with some blush-like details on her cheeks? Mine does and it makes her look even better!! Can you find out if this was a fluke or were they all suppose to have it and only a few got it?

  3. Kagamigod – my She-Ra doesn’t have any blush on her cheeks. I haven’t seen any other pics with it either – maybe you got lucky!

  4. Yep, you might’ve gone lucky there Kagamigod, I don’t have any blush on my She-Ra’s cheeks either, and I haven’t heard any one have the same details like yours, I’d love to see pics of that!

  5. I’m gonna see what I can do about pics tonight. I collect mostly MOC but I’ll see what I can do.

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