Some Favorite Masters of the Universe Keldor Reviews

We’ll get to our own review of Keldor eventually – I’m looking at you, Sandman! – but in the meantime, we can’t deny his awesomeness. Here’s a handful of reviews from some of our favorite sites.

Poe Ghostal’s Points of Articulation

It’s funny how Mattel has twice managed to make a Skeletor figure with the head of a casino magician not only desirable, but a fun toy to own. Once I got my Keldor I opened him, fiddled around with him, posed him on the coffee table, and said to Dr. Mrs. Ghostal, “Y’know, I really like him.” There are definitely MOTUC figures I didn’t feel that way about (no offense, your Majesty), but Keldor is not one of them.

The relative lack of new tooling, particularly in regard to the swords, costs Keldor a raven. But overall, this is a fun figure.

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I’ve had mixed feelings about Keldor ever since he debuted back in February. It had little to do with the figure itself. I was glad to have Keldor in the line; it’s the swords that got under my collar. I’m not a big fan of the half swords in the toy line and Mattel’s different attempts at explaining why they couldn’t do a classicized version of the evil 200x swords were largely unsatisfactory. I think that took away from the buildup for this figure in my eyes. Instead of getting everybody’s favorite villain before that unfortunate date with a vial of acid, I felt we were getting a figure with bad accessories. I’ll still rant a bit in the accessories section, but Keldor ended up with nice representation in the Classics line despite that drawback.

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Keldor has never really been a must have character or variant in my book, but Mattel has managed to do enough here to make the figure interesting enough to me to display.  I’m not quite sure where I’ll put him on the shelf, though.  There are a couple of obvious (to me) accessories not included and the power swords could be better, but those factors do not detract too much from the final figure.

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