DC Universe Classics Modern Look Green Lantern Hal Jordan by Buzzy Fret

Howdy from the Buzzy Cave! Coming at y’all today with this custom I just finished up of Green Lantern Hal Jordan in his modern look. If you saw it, there was a very early sneak peek of this in my article about eliminating paint rub I did a little while back.

WIP and Customizing Tech Talk

GL Ref Pic 001GL - Modern 006GL - Modern 007GL - Modern 008GL - Modern 009GL - Modern 010


  • DCUC Green Lantern Head, Upper Bod, Arms & Lower Legs
  • DCUC Black Manta Waist & Upper Legs
  • Sculpted Gloves, Boot Tops, Modifications to Ring with Aves Fixit Sculpt
  • Hair Sculpted with Super Sculpey and then a Cast of it was made – see below
  • Green is FasKolor FasPearl Green – had to be applied via Airbrush
  • Model Masters Flat Black and Flat White (used airbrush for the white)
  • Lantern Symbol is Custom made Vinyl Decal *Thanx Synner!*

the hair 002the hair 001the hair 003

The biggest hurtle for this custom was giving Hal a “modern” haircut. The standard DCUC GL head is a great representation of  Hal’s look as drawn by Neal Adams and then Mike Grell in the Green Lantern – Green Arrow book from the 70’s, but since I wanted this to be a “modern” GL based on Ethan Van Sciver’s art, the 70’s hair had to go. I used my dremel to shave the hair off and spent several multi hour sessions sculpting and re-sculpting the hair with Super Sculpey. Super Sculpey is by far the best medium I have found to sculpt hair with. The only problem with SS is that it’s not as durable like Aves Fixit Sculpt and Apoxie Sculpt. When I was done sculpting the hair I cured the SS by dunking it in boiled water, then made a mold of it with Smooth-On Dragon Skin 10 Fast and finally a cast with Smooth-On Smooth-Cast 305. Making molds and casts is time consuming and labor intensive but beneficial in that by making a mold to create a cast of the head, along with not having to worry about the sculpted hair, is that I can reproduce this head whenever I want to use it again. 😉


Modern GL-DJ 007.jpgModern GL-DJ 001.jpgModern GL-DJ 006.jpgModern GL-DJ 008.jpgModern GL-DJ 010.jpgModern GL-DJ 015.jpgModern GL-DJ 016.jpg

Thanx for checking it out!

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  1. Buzzy made and painted a modern Hal head , then fitted it onto a Toys R’ Us Exclusive, All-Star Green Lantern, for me. It’s not AS custom as the one he made for this article, but the custom head looks AWESOME on the Toys R’ Us Metallic Hal body. SUPER, SUPER talented, that Buzzy is!!!

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