DC Universe Classics Custom Green Lanterns by Ibentmyman-thing and Buzzy Fret

DC Universe Classics modded Green Lanterns

We seem to be having a Green Lantern theme going on today, so I thought I’d post a quick picture of some of the mods that I’ve been getting done for my Green Lantern shelf.

  • Guy Gardner – I felt he really suffered between prototype and production with regard to the size of his head. Benty made a mold and cast it in wax for the natural shrinkage. Because it was in wax, he was able to mod the jawline before re-molding. Awesome paint work too!
  • Alan Scott – He suffered from big head-itis too, so Benty followed the same process by casting in wax. For Alan, I also asked him to close his mouth and bring forward his receding hairline just a tad. Benty painted the final cast too.
  • Hal JordanBuzzy already did a very nice write-up for his resculpt of Hal’s hair to achieve the modern look. I never saw the metallic Hal at Toys R Us, so when Buzzy found an extra I asked him if he would put on a cast of the modern head and paint it for me. I also asked him to raise the head a little, as Hal suffers from no neck-itis straight out of the box.

Big thanks to Benty and Buzzy for these awesome GLs! If anyone wants more pics, close-ups, comparisons, etc, let me know and I’ll snap some more pics!

6 thoughts on “DC Universe Classics Custom Green Lanterns by Ibentmyman-thing and Buzzy Fret”

  1. You did a good thing on Alan.
    I wished DCUC would have closed his mouth more, …and given him more hair. He doesn’t need a receeding hairline. Geeeesh!!

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