DC Universe Classics Wave 16 Available for Pre-Order on Amazon.com

Wave 16 - Azbats (900x1200).jpgWave 16 - Creeper (902x1200).jpgWave 16 - Jonah Hex (900x1200).jpgWave 16 - Mercury (900x1200).jpgWave 16 - Riddler (900x1200).jpgWave 16 - Robin (900x1200).jpg


DC Universe Classics Wave 16 with the Collect and Connect Bane is available for pre-order on Amazon.com. Buzzy pointed out that most places don’t allow you to specify which version of Robin you want Amazon didn’t allow you to specify the variant for previous waves, like with Starman in Wave 15 (fixed per Buzzy’s comment).

They’re all listed with a ship dates of January 1st or January 5th. At $14.99 each with Amazon’s free shipping over $25 deal, seems like a good time for me to put in a pre-order.

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6 thoughts on “DC Universe Classics Wave 16 Available for Pre-Order on Amazon.com”

  1. Mattel has never included alternate or swappable heads in DCUC figures. I wish they had done that with Deathstroke rather than make the unmasked version a variant.

    actually, to clarify one thing in the article, when I emailed Ron about finding DCUC 16 for pre-order on Amazon, I wrote that Amazon has listings for both versions of Robin which is unlike how “Amazon” handled variants from earlier waves, i.e. the Cheetahs in DCUC 13 and Ted & Jack Starman in DCUC 15. I’m real happy to see them add this option and hope Amazon does it with Ted and Jack before DCUC 15 hits because I’d like to be able to order both.

  2. I’m surprised also that wave 16 and Green Lantern Classics are back down to $14.99 when they’re charging $15.99 for wave 15 figures.

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