AFP Ask Matty Round-Up for 9/15/10

Hey folks – a new installment of Ask Matty is here – thanks to the folks at Mattel!

And, how’d you all do with your orders today?

1) At AFP we’ve picked up all of the Toys R Us exclusive DC Universe Classics All-Star repaints. Who is the final one this year – is it the Joker, or Nightwing, or are both coming eventually? Will All-Star repaints continue into next year, and what are the chances of a Super Powers-colored Wonder Woman and a lighter blue colored Superman (both seen on eBay)?

TRU DCUC AS BATMAN 001.jpgTRU DCUC AS BATMAN 007.jpgTRU-Green Lantern 001.jpgTRU-Green Lantern 009.jpgDCUC TRU Excl Flash 001.jpgDCUC TRU Excl Flash 008.jpg

Joker and a new Nightwing are in the wings to head out next, and the repaints will continue into 2011 at about one per quarter. Just which ones remains to be seen!

Check out our looks at Batman (Ron | Buzzy) and Green Lantern (Buzzy | Sandman) and come back for Buzzy’s review of the DC Universe Classics All-Star Flash tomorrow morning!

2) With Green Lantern Classics announced as a new line extension, does that mean that we won’t be seeing GL-related characters in the main DC Universe Classics line in the short-term? If we’ll still see GL characters in DCUC, what will determine if they go in GLC or DCUC?

There will still be some GL related characters in the mainline, but you will certainly get more of them in the GL Classics waves! After all, 2011 will be a big year for ring slingers.

3) There’s plenty of collectors who like the 200X touches that have made it into the Masters of the Universe Classics line. For example, see the Fwoosh Face-Off for Whiplash. Is Mattel’s stand that we won’t see any more 200X elements in the Classics line? Does that apply just to sculpts, or are redecoes, like a 200X-inspired Evil-Lyn, off the table now too?

You will still see plenty of 200X elements in the line – all will just be done in the Classics style. Chief Carnivus or Webstor’s extra arms are a great example of this. Really, not that much is changing.

4) WWE Legends has really wowed me with the announcements of the Ultimate Warrior and Macho Man Randy Savage, two of the guys who have the reputations of being hard to work with. How’d you convince them to come on board? What’s the status of one of the biggest legends still out there – Hulk Hogan?

Both the Ultimate Warrior and Macho Man were great to work with and were very impressed with how their figures turned out. As for Hulk Hogan, he is a favorite around here too, you’ll just need to wait and see!

5) You’ve often talked about the long-term plan for Masters of the Universe Classics. How far have you planned out the Ghostbusters line? What’s the reason for a more staggered release schedule? It seems like the line has had fits and starts because of the long wait between figures.

The GB line is a bit trickier due to all of the likeness approvals involved. MOTUC is a pure fantasy line so the approvals are much easier to do! We do have the GB line figures out pretty far, but with rumors of a new movie on the horizon we are trying to keep things very flexible.

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