Four Horsemen Outer Space Men Packaging

The cardback for the regular versions of Four Horsemen’s Outer Space Men figures has definitely got cool retro look for it, and it’s a bonus that the blister will use the same type of resealable packaging that the Seventh Kingdom Queen Alluxandra and court figures had – the card just slides out, making the figure accessible.

Shown below is the card-back (front side & rear side) for the regular edition version of the Outer Space Men figure Astro-Nautilus: The Man from Neptune!

Even though special edition versions of the Outer Space Men are only available in card-topped poly-bags, the regular edition versions will all be available on collector friendly blister cards!

That’s right, the Outer Space Men blister cards will have the same, innovative, replaceable blisters that were featured on the Seventh Kingdom’s Queen Alluxandra (and variants) figures!

You’ll be able to pop your OSM figures out of the packaging, play with them to your heart’s content, and then replace them back in their cozy plastic & cardboard homes to be displayed.

We expect the regular edition Outer Space Men figures to be finished up and ready to ship by late October / early November, and they will be available exclusively through our online retail outlet, Store Horsemen.

Pre-orders are expected t begin in a couple of weeks, so be sure to keep checking back here for all of your upcoming OSM info!


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