DC Universe Classics Wave 14 Packaged Pics

DC Universe Classics Wave 14 - half case (900x1200).jpg

I’m not quite sure how, but trs from the Fwoosh, who got us some really early packaged pics of DC Universe Classics wave 11 almost a year ago, has done it again. Now he has got his hands on what is probably one of the first sets of the Wal-Mart exclusive wave 14 in the United States – at least not ones that fell out of the back of a truck in China.

He is guessing that these will start hitting Wal-Marts within the next two weeks. He particularly liked how Zatanna turned out, and I’m inclined to agree!

I’ll hold off on my final thoughts until I have these in hand, but I am concerned about a trend of larger heads. Guy Gardner has giant head syndrome from the Green Lantern’s Light 5-pack, and OMAC has it from wave 15. Here it looks like Alan Scott and Obsidian have it too. Could be hereditary, in their case. 😉

What do you think? Here’s the pics.

DC Universe Classics Wave 14 - Gold (801x1200).jpgDC Universe Classics Wave 14 - Green Lantern Alan Scott (799x1200).jpgDC Universe Classics Wave 14 - Hourman (800x1200).jpgDC Universe Classics Wave 14 - Kamandi (800x1200).jpgDC Universe Classics Wave 14 - Obsidian (801x1200).jpgDC Universe Classics Wave 14 - Tyr (800x1200).jpgDC Universe Classics Wave 14 - Zatanna (800x1200).jpg

7 thoughts on “DC Universe Classics Wave 14 Packaged Pics”

  1. Looks like these might have fallen out of the back of a truck in the U.S.! They look good. The overlarge heads aren’t bugging me on Obsidian and GL, but Gold looks a little bobbleheaded to me. He also has the sort of deep set googly eyes that Guy and OMAC have.

  2. These will be tough to track around here in Los Angeles, Walmarts are scarce here, and the only Wally in my area rarely gets store exclusives, and it is heavily scalped! It sucks that there are some major characters in this wave! I need that Zatanna and Alan Scott!

  3. Who ARE these people?! I mean, I know the metal men and Zatanna, “classic” GL, and Hourman. But who the heck is Tyr, Todd Rice, and Kam(what the heck is that spelling too”!?)
    They seem to be awfully obscure characters to me. Or maybe I’ve just been out of the DC loop for too long, but I don’t see alot of mainstream recognition for this line-up.

  4. Kamandi, Tyr and Obsidian are all characters over 20 years old. Tyr is a Legion of Superheros villain, Kamandi is a Kirby character from a dystopian future and Obsidian “Todd Rice” is the son of Golden Age Green Lantern, founder of Infinity Inc and current member of the JSA.

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